Mindfulness meditation

Does anyone know anything about mindfulness meditation & its benefits to PD people? Thanks!
I'm working with a neuropsychologist on this to help me cope with my husband's behaviour as a result of DAs.
I was suicidal but am now much better.
The meditation techniques are helping me to control my destructive thoughts and be more compassionate to myself and him.
I can't tell you whether this would help Parkinson's symptoms but to anyone in distress and finding life harsh and difficult it would seem to offer great comfort.
If you type "Christopher Germer mindfulness" into a Google box and scroll down to the site that includes meditations to download you can listen to him helping you to relax and then train your mind to steer away from destructive thinking.
See if you find it helpful.
Love and good luck!
Hi Mary. Speaking from personal experience I would say that meditation certainly does help. It clears the mind of any negative thoughts and leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed. You must find a meditation technique that works for you personally. You may find it better to join a group rather than listen to a CD or DVD.
many thanks for your personal and moving reply - I was informed by a Dr that this can help with relaxation & pain control - Where would you find places using MM in medical situations rather than religious ones? - I don't want to embark on a journey of Enlightenment at this stage.
Many thanks!
MM is a strategy used by neuropsychologista and you can ask to be referred by your consultant.
Be prepared for a long waiting list!
I see mine for an hour a week and the whole process seems to take months rather than weeks.
The link I suggested contains a description of what MM is all about and if you listen to a few of the tapes, rather like hypnosis, you may be able to decide if it would work for you and if it is worth pursuing.
To me, it is a lifeline and ver helpful.Hope you find the info useful.x
Hello Mary, there are lots of books and info on mindfullness meditation, a google search will lead you in. You can apply the meditation to any aspect of your life,it does not need to be linked in to any 'religion', and the spiritual aspect is what you make it - it's basically a tool for calming the mind, reducing stress and tension, which will help you cope with PD and it's symptoms better. You can read up on it yourself and it might be worth looking round your local area to see if there are any groups of people getting together to practise, or discuss it. Info from an experienced practitioner is very useful but you can learn about it yourself too. There is also Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) or EFT which can help deal with pain - they may sound odd if you're not used to such things but worth looking into. I just always think there may be a tool out there to help deal with most symptoms to varying degrees, nothing ventured nothing gained.
Sincere thanks to the three of you who have replied and shared your thoughts - Its a mine field out there and we need to look after each other! I will put your input to good use!