Mirapexin dosage

HI leyther, you have got me worried, can I ask why you querying this? I'm on 0.35 mg 3 x times a day which I guess is very low but doesn't appear to have much effect. any advise much appreciated. thanks, Carol
im on o.7mg but 4 aday,12 is such alot ,xx
Hi Leyther. when I was on mirapexin I took 1mg(700micrograms) one tab & 250micrograms (180 base) two tabs three times daily i.e one large, two small three times. This was, I was told, the max allowed.Hope this is of help. Christopher
Hi Leyther,
I was on 0.7mg tablet 3 times a day.That was enough to give me bad side effects.Coming off them caused bad depression which probably lasted about 4-6 weeks,but glad I came off them.I was living in dottys world 24/7, kids and reality were a big inconvience.Having to leave pc after sitting at it all through the night not even bothering to go to bed,to take kids to school!!!.No sooner had I dropped them off it seemed time to pick them up.At times I had to ask mates on here to keep eye on forum while I was away,sometimes asking 3 people just incase anyones pc went down,or they fell asleep or .........etc,etc.I on occassions fell asleep while driving.putting kids lives and others at risk.Being taken out for a meal for a birthday treat,couldnt keep my eyes open.Sitting thinking why am I here,its my birthday surely I should be allowed to do what I want.
I got stomach pains and very poor posture from sitting at pc all day,in so much pain sometimes knelt on floor leaning on chair just so I could type.
I also spent alot on penny machines,up to close to a hundred at times.I know thats nothing compared to what others have lost but a lot for me.
I became obsessed with people,wanted buzzs more and more.Done a lot of risk taking behaviour.Nearly lost everything.
Coming off mira I'm no longer dotty 24/7.I normally sleep 4/6 hrs a night and kids come first.
I have struggled the last month with obsessions again and looking for a buzz,been staying up most of the night on a few occassions.However I'm aware i'm doing it and I can switch off.Kids still come 1st,plus house work ,shopping etc.is getting done.I'm not going to lie this forum still means a lot to me.i enjoy it,plus made some good friends.Differance is its only part of my life now.I'm going with my son at 8 to an atheletics competition due back at 8 in evening,its gonna be a long day,but I'm just so glad I'm still able to go and watch.
Sorry Leyther for going on and on,once I get started on the subject of mirapexin I can't help myself want people to know what it did to me.
I know it does work well for a lot of people,it just doesn't for a lot of people as well.
Wish you all the best Leyther.
Take care Dot xxx
I am on .07mgm Mirapexin 3 times a day. This is regarded as a near maximum by my local PD Specialist Nurse. 7 is massive. Regards
thanks for that all of you.

I was on 3 X 0.7 a day from 2003 when i was diagnosed. Within 12 months I was on 6 a day and divorced (nothing to do with the drug as far as I know but who knows?) With no one to gauge my behaviour patterns and no idea of what the drug could do to me at that time and regular increases in the drug (June 2005 x9 a day. Spring 2006 x12 a day, at which point it was deemed the max and I added sinamet which augmented the selegiline I had been taking since 2005)my behaviour became more and more erratic (dotty gives a reasonable idea of the sort of thing that occured) By the time I had realised that I has a problem I was in pretty deep. To be honest I was a mirapexin "junkie" I didnt want to stop. Thats the problem its actually so much a part of your life that the anxiety you feel from the drug induced behaviour etc is actually comforted by that very behaviour. eg on the internet 16 hours a day. Morality goes completely out of the window, conscience ceases to exist and risk taking becomes a way of life. Your personality divides and the real you disappears, occasionally surfacing to question what the hell youre playing at.

With what I can only describe as a supreme effort of will I recently managed to bring this to the attention of my PD nurse.
I halved the dose and found it had no affect on my movement.

I went down to 3 x 0.7 mg per day to find little change in behaviour. I made a decision to cut the drug out weaning myself off it, this led to severe depression but allowed me to be lucid enough to understand where I was and how I'd got there over the last 6 years. Im now on a 3 x 1/2 a tab of 0.7mg day which seems to balance it ok.

Just got to sort my life out now and the consequences of "my actions" over the last few years.
Oh by the way the maximum recommended dose is 3.3mg these days.
I new I was on a high dose but as I was on it as instructed by my Consultant assumed it was ok. Bear in mind there were different leaflets with the drugs when I started on it and by the time it was a known issue I was "hooked".

My dose was at over 6.3mg at June 2005 for certain and at 8.4mg from spring 2006.
HI Leyther, hope you're now settled with your drug regime, at least you admitted you had a problem and did something about it, take care Carol
I started on Mirapexin in 2001 and even then the maximum dose was 4,5mg/day (or 3,3mg if you use the 0.7mg.,etc. description)I still have the patient leaflet as it is interesting to read, how many more possible side effects have since been added. It was still early days and the dangers were not well-known then and I came across a few people who took up to 6mg a day. For about 4- 6 months I took 6 mg ,because after time the 4,5mg was not enough, but, when I added Sinemet, I cut down the Mirapexin dose to 4 mg/day.(i.e. 4x0,7mg tablets)
When i went on to sinamet in 2006 there was no mention of reducing mirapexin. I finally did this last December and found that I could half it with no significant effect on my movement.

Furthermore, I last saw my consultant in June 2008.

I have seen the nurse 3 times since then, once at a six monthly check up,when I reported my problems and two follow up appointments.

I reported the medication I was on each time. Only on the last visit did it register that I had been on "an awful lot of mirapexin."

Tomorrow I have to go into work to explain why I have had all this time off and no sick note. Not sure how I was supposed to convince my Dr that I needed a sick note to surf the internet for 16 hours a day. Mind you I couldnt have cared less,in my drug induced stupor. As long as no one was stopping me from following my next impulse (riskier the better),I was ok. Work left me to my own devices allowing me to work from home (big mistake!)

In fact,I found that the anxiety I felt from the potential effect of any of my activities were comforted by undertaking those very same activities. A vicious circle in fact that makes it hard to break because it is making you feel "better".

Should be an interesting day!!!
Leyther i would ring pds helpline and ask their advice on max dose. I think this needs to be investigated further and personally i think you should seek professional guidance because i fear you may of been over dosing on mirapexin and is it any wonder you could not sustain a normal working day, my god i can only try to imagine where your head must of been!

Best wishes
hi Lyther,

I think your PD consultant should be taken outside, put against a wall, blindfolded offered a final cigarette and then shot! It seems he/she like many doctors between 2000 and 2007 were dishing out dopamine agonist pills like smarties. It was not uncommon back in 2004 for patients to be prescribed up to 6mg of mirapex a day. However you even exceeded this, because as stated in your posting you were on 8.4mg a day? I notice nowadays according to the latest BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM mirapexin information leaflet, the MAX daily dosage is 3.3mg. Also they state the normal daily maintenance dosage should be 1.1mg. There recent updates to the side effects people could experience when taking between 1.1mg and 3.3 mg of mirapex a day, now includes not only all the usual risk taking and pathological addictive activities we now know about, but also they added Schizophrenia to the "could cause" list? The makers of mirapex put all the risk taking side effects in the "uncommon" side effects category. This according to the drug company means between 0.1% and 1% of people may be affected. Funny is is not that the PDS along with the BMC (British medical council) and other leading experts, put the people affected by these side effects at between 14 and 16%?

Personally i think you need to have a conversation with both your consultant who put you on 8.4mg of mirapex a day and also see a good Lawyer !!!!


Hope your day at work went ok and you have it all sorted out.

I take 2.64 (3 x .70 and 3 x .18) Mirapexin) and have done so for a long time now - at least 2 years. I'm very conscious of the addictive nature of the drug and have become aware of trends in my lifestyle that could be connected to this but believe I have them under control - ie playing computer games and buying clothes.

What I would like to know is how much it screws up your thinking process, leaving aside the addictive bit. Some days Im not sure whether I'm the real me or whether the drugs are playing games -is it because I now have time to think more and see through my ideas more than when I worked or are the drugs/illness mucking things up. The restlessness, loss of concentration, the impulse urges are surely a combination of both illness and meds? Does this make sense?

Don't suppose I will ever know?

I went into work yesterday and spoke to my immediate boss.

He was very understanding as he has experience of pd in his family.

I am going to see my doc on thursday to get him to write me a letter to cover the sick note situation and to discuss total withdrawal from mirapexin.

After the meeting I felt like coming home but decided to stick it out and Im glad I did as I did some work and felt like I had achieved something.

Went to bed at 10.30 but up at 4.30. I can live with that as Im sure most of you can!
Hi Leyther,
Glad yesterday went ok,well done for pushing yourself to stay and do some work.Hope Thursay goes ok with getting a sick note and advice how to stop mirapexin.Sounds like you are getting your life back on track.
Take Care Dot xx
Blueeyes47, could you tell me where you read about the "could cause schizophrenia" bit, please? I thought it was considered for the TREATMENT of schizophrenia.
Hi Leyther, glad it went ok, you're lucky, dont get 6 hours sleep even at mo.

schizophrenia is a listed side effect on the leaflet
Hello everyone,just to join the debate about mirapexin.I was diagnosed feb 2008 and put on requip,didn't agree with me causing me to almost faint 3 times(once when washing the dishes)honestly!My neuro then put me on mirapexin which basically made me feel like I had a constant dose of flu. No trouble sleeping but it must have added up to 12 hours a day. Started to feel extremely anxious and stopped working. Self employed and discovered what a crock of s*** the state benefits are, having worked for 40 years and not claimed a bean. Neuro then weened me off mirapexin and asked me to try azilect,which I did for 2 months. No side effects apart from balance appearing to get worse and weakness in legs. Also over this last 10 months golf swing gone to hell! Well last Thursday I started taking Sinemet 110 and Saturday I played my best round of golf in eleven months. My brother said it was like looking at a different person and believe me the difference I felt was enormous. I played again yesterday and won a 4 ball against single handicappers so it wasn't a fluke. The only thing is my back is in half tonite, but wot the hell!!! I'm 56 and the neuro tried to hold back on the L Dopa but my confidence and well being were going down the pan.Its still early days and its taken 16 months but i must admit the last few days I've felt almost normal for the first time in a couple of years. OK.so I've gone on a bit but I hope this will give anyone who's suffering with their meds hope that something can help them, although it tests one's inner sanctum. I've also got to say that I've had tremendous love and support from my partner Melanie and my family and seeing what my improvement has meant to them inspires me. I can't sign off without also mentioning the forum. On days when I felt absolutely crap it hit home to me how marvellous human nature can be and remember that sometimes a problem shared is a problem halved.
God bless you all