Mirtazapine - has anyone had experience

Hi I have tried a few antidepressants but unfortunately they have made me very dizzy and increased falls. Doctor now wants me to try Mirtazapine, has anyone had any experience with this one?

My partner tried mirtazapine but found it was very sedating and disliked how they felt whilst taking it.
Have you asked if there are any other alternatives with lower side effect profiles you could be prescribed ? (particularly as you highlighted you have had problems with several others).

Thanks very much for your reply. I have held off starting it after reading about the sedating aspect of it. I am not good with my balance as it is without a sedating drug added in. I have my GP next week and will discuss with her. I have Diazepam at the moment and it does seem to agree with me but not sure if I can take this in place of an antidepressant, if I can think I would just continue with it, will see what the GP says, thanks again for answering my post.

Hi Gillian
From my experience Mirtazapine is an excellent antidepressant. I have been on a low dosage 15 mg for quite a while now and it has really helped my mood. The drug has sedative effects particularly in lower doses. I would definitely give it a try. Best of luck!

I was put on mirtazapine in hospital in July 2021 because I had been taking the SSRI escitralopram and it made me very unsteady on my feet.
Mirtazapine is good for insomnia. It’s best to take it at bedtime.
As well the higher the dose the less sedating mirtazapine is.
I would definitely give it a go and see how you get on.

Thank you for your reply, good to hear it works for you, I do think I will give it a try.

That has been my problem, all the ones I have tried make me unsteady and as it is am unsteady enough without adding something else into the mix! Good to hear it works for you, I will give it a try, thanks for replying, really helps to hear other peoples experiences.

That was precisely why I was put on mirtazapine…they (hospital) explained to me that SSRIs can make you unsteady if you’re predisposed to unsteadiness. Mirtazapine doesn’t have that effect.

I was also suffering from insomnia which mirtazapine is helpful for.

I get up at the same time every day and a good cup of tea sorts any grogginess out!

Thank you, that helps a lot, have been hesitant to start it but hearing your experience makes me less afraid to give it a go. Hopefully it will work for me too.

It may be a coincidence but my mwp has massively improved following mirtazapine 30mg replacing fluxotine.

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