I am 54 been diagnosed with pd a bout 18 months ago I am taking madopour 100/25 /50/12 4 times a day over all I managing well still working the only problem I seem to have I don’t sleep that well and when walking my left side is a bite stiff also I get quite low moods and get anoyed very easily which is not fair on my wife who can not under stand cause I always look fed up even when I fell okay she not t able to judge my moods which is really hard for her all the above symptoms where mentioned to my consultant at my last appointment I was on 15 mg mirtazapine did not really do much so he upped dose 30 mg he seems to think I am constantly over thinking everything any advice thanks

Hi @Billy3,

I think you may need to speak to your neurologist or Parkinson’s nurse about your dosage, especially if it’s affecting your mental health. If you need more support on this, you are more than welcome to give our helpline a call on 0808 800 0303.

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I’m 40, diagnosed PD December 2016, and I’ve been on 30mg Mirtazapine since last Christmas. I switched from Sertraline which I had been on since just before I was diagnosed, as I didn’t feel it was working that well anymore and I wasn’t eating enough.

I went straight on to 30mg Mirtazapine and straight away started eating like a horse and put on quite a bit of weight, indicating an improvement in my mood. This has subsequently returned to normal. I find the 30mg seems to work. I feel shit about having Parkinson’s, but I think I would feel a whole lot shittier if I wasn’t taking Mirtazapine.

One thing I noticed immediately though is it has made me quite susceptible to emotional episodes. I find I am quick to tears and quite frequently, often over quite strange things, for instance Tiger Woods winning The Masters earlier this year. So I would watch out for that. Otherwise, I would say go for the 30mg. You can have up to 45mg Mirtazapine, but I’ve stuck with 30 myself.

Thanks for feed back