I have just been prescribed mirtazapine 15mg for fast breathing episodes when Madopar wearing off, but I’m finding it knocks me out and it’s difficult to wake up in the morning. The leaflet says not to crush but my Parkinson’s nurse said I could take half. Does anyone know which is right ? I take Madopar 100/50 and 50/12.5 every 3 hours from 8 am.

Hello I take mirtazapine 15mg as well and I also find it difficult to get going in the morning. But once I’m up with a cup of yea I’m okay.
I heard from a doctor that mirtazapine is odd in that if you take a higher dose it wakes you up but I haven’t wanted to try that!

To clarify: the way it was put to me is that mirtazapine 15mg helps you sleep (I had insomnia and take it before bed) but mirtazapine 30mg wouldn’t mak you sleepy. But obviously ask the doc or nurse. Two separate health professionals told me that.

Thank you I will ask my Parkinson’s Nurse. Have a problem with waking up now not sure if it’s worse waking several times or not. I was put on this to stop fast breathing episodes on medication running out late afternoons and evenings. So far not working but am going to perceives for the 2 weeks it takes to enter system