Misc Hints

1   Use a child's toothbrush: it is softer, smaller to get into my shrinking mouth, and I have one that does not have a smooth handle that makes it easier to hold on to.

2   When talking to my husband I must think before I say it!  I said I would like to go to our daughters Sat. but they are going to a Christmas tree farm to get their tree.  He only catches the first of my sentences!  So for days he said we are going to her place Sat.  I reply that we can't, they won't be home.  Then he gets upset, trying to make me happy and go then now I'm being stubborn and won't go!  I should have said nothing!  But it is hard not to talk and I am just getting my voice back by talking and singing even if he doesn't want me to!  I was really loosing my voice.  Anyway I should have said We can't go to our daughters Sat. because she won't be home, but I wish we could.  I have to think hard on how to say something so he will get the main part. When I told our daughter she said  "That would be awfully stressful on you Mom."  In fact I can't seem to do it except afterwards in my mind!  But it is stressful not being able to get him to stop obsessing on doing something etc that we aren't/can't do!

Does your husband know exactly how Parkinsons can affect your speech?   I used to get aggravated with OH because he didn't seem to be listening to what I was saying to him.  I read that the sufferers can be unable to take in what is said, and need time to process it in order to answer and sometimes do not take in everything said.  Now I know to make sure he understands any questions etc and I give him time to speak.  When I read about this, I felt awful at being aggravated with him.