Misdiagnosis maybe?

So after being told in 2019 by a general neurologist that my husband who was 51 could have Parkinsons, having an Mri which was clear (this took 8 monthsfor appt and result which came as a one lined letter …brain/spine.mri clear) to then a telephone consultation 3 months later to say she wants to see him F2F but due to covid she can’t so won’t diagnose on phone. We went private and categorically told us he most defo has parkinsons …another general neurologist. So now after nearly 2 years of telephone consultations , 2 a year, always having to tell her the history as no notes with her , told us to get information from this site too as she didn’t know what mucuna puriens were ?
she retired yay! Saw her replacement today,young lovely movement disorder and parkinsons specialist on a f2f to say he is confident my husband does NOT have PD, he thinks Dystonia from his neck. So he is arranging urgent nerve conduction studies (which original consultant said she was sorting out 6 months ago and never did even refer for) also is starting him on Co caredopa as this will determine if he has an impact or not. He will see him in 3 months time…I am still going with that he does have PD as don’t want to be back to square one , let’s see :wink: