Missed dose

Hi I've just realised didn't take dose of requip xl this morning ... Taken it now so it's 10 hrs late .i take 24 mg . Question is when do I take next dose ? Do I take morning dose as usual tomorrow or do I stagger the times till correct times ? Aware 24 mg is max dose so don't want to give myself side effects by taking them too close together .

Know I can phone my parkinson nurse but it takes 2 days for reply which is bit late ! So any thoughts would be great .

I'd suggest you phone the PUK helpline - if you say what it is about they will get a Parkinson's nurse to call you back quickly -(as happened when I had a panic about my mother's medication once)

The helpline is open Mon - Fri 9 am - 7 pm

hope you are OK


well i must say not impressed with helpline

i phoned for advice ,was told not particular busy so will get call back that day ......never heard from them .

so sorted it myself by just moving time back by 2 hrs eah day till back to usual time .took my dose the day after with only 18 hrs between doses and that was def too close together ...gave me headache and nausea .

back to usual times now and all ok

have good christmas everyone x

Sorry to hear that about the helpline - I am sure someone from PUK will pick up your comment through moderation of this site.

You know more about your meds now and how they affect, you which is the positive to take from this....

I guess your local pharmacist would have been someone to have called..

hope it doesn't happen again.... good on you for working out what to do.....which does seem to be what PwP have to do

Best wishes and enjoy your Christmas


Hi Kittens3,

We're really sorry to hear that you didn't get a call back from the Helpline and would like to look into what happened. Please can you email your contact details (your name and the phone number you called from) to [email protected]?

I'm glad to hear that you're back to normal with your medication now.

Best wishes,


(Digital team)