Missed hospital appointment

I feel really really bad and its upset me that my husbands hospital appointment was yesterday and i ad it in my mind for tuesdag coming…just went to check the time and saw yestrrdays date, I feel so bad for the missed appointment and course for my husband…The hospital is nlw closed so cant sort it out…My husband is now panicking they wont see him :confused: got this to think about now all weekend. So stupid of me for not checking sooner. If i explain tp the hospital it will be ok wont it, weve never missed any appointments before Thanks Dawn

I’m sorry that this has happened to you - it’s so easy to get confused about these things. Our hospital sends reminder texts the day before

I hope your husband can be seen, or maybe they’ll give him a phone consultation.

It depends on the services available in your area. I’ve always found the Parkinson’s nurses very helpful - they return phone calls and if necessary make regular calls.

Try not to be too upset, easy to say of course. You are doing your best for your husband and need to love yourself as well

Best wishes

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Thank you for your reply, i spoke to the hospital Monday mornin and they was so nice about it. Wasnt the best of weekends with the worry but at least it got sorted and his got a new appointment, definitely wont be missing any more tho :slight_smile: Thanks again for your message Dawn x

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Hi @Dawny81, :wave:t5:

I’m so happy this got sorted for your husband. :blush:

Mistakes happen so please be easy on yourself going forward. :blue_heart:

Best wishes,

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