Missing tablet

I take 4 sinemet at 7am 11am 3pm and 7pm. I was talking on the phone when my 3pm alarm went off and I just switched it off. I didnt realise until 7pm that I have not taken my 3pm tablet as it was still in my tablet holder.

I have decided to wait the 4 hours and take it at 11pm so that I have taken my four tablets of the day. Do you think this is right or should I just keep it to the 3 for today.

My gut feeling is that I should make sure I take the 4.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks.

Hiya Margs1, would you be able to call an out of hours GP service for help with this?
Best wishes,
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Thanks Min. I decided to take the tablet at 11pm. Turns out I was less stiff when I got up this morning.

Did you sleep ok after taking it so late? I have always been told it would keep me awake.

I didnt have any problems sleeping. In fact I was less stiff when I got up in the morning

Morning justed saw your question well lam doing it all the time
Should stop wot am doing
and pop my pills some time don’t take them till it dawns on me I would say it ok now and then hope it helps not on your own😉

Hi Margs
Not sure what dosage of sinemet you take. If you do miss them and do not have freezing or gating or tremors and basically feel safe it is okay to just take it when you remember and then spread it out till the evening before bed.
This is what I do for my mum who has PD. She can often missed a tablet (sinemet 250/25) and when she remembers She takes it then 3 hours later to take the next dose.

Thank you for your replies x

Hi, if you remember before your next tablet time then take it. I’d then continue as normal.
I use an app, Medisafe which I’d recommend, its set to remind me 3 times. It also keeps stock of all meds’ notifying when I need to reorder. Couldn’t operate without it!

there is a free app for your smartphone (android) on play.com, best meds reminder i have ever used and im on 8 doses of various meds a day, lol its called ‘medisafe’

Did the 11pm keep you wide awake