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My Mum is 83 and has an old Nokia that is on its’ last legs. She is pretty good at using a tablet and gets the whole touch-screen thing. Her coordination is deteriorating and we cannot find many phone shops that actually have mobiles up and working for her to try. Having said that, she did try the DORO smart phone and found the keyboard to difficult to see and use. Has anyone had any success with any particular phone or phone shop? ideally she would like a phone with a camera.

The problem with most big button phones is the lack of a decent screen. The Doro 6520 is a clamshell design, with a few bells and whistles for the disabled such as an assistance key. Though the keys aren’t particularly large, they are widely separated. It’s really a choice of one or the other- big keys and small screen, or smalller keys and a bigger screen with camera.

I’ve never seen a big button phone with a decent screen and camera, but they must exist somewhere, I would have thought.

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It might be worth giving our helpline a call as they may be able to offer some suggestions to you. Please give them a call on 0808 800 0303.

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I cannot recommend a particular one, though I know most smartphones have some issues with the signal. I recently got a signal booster from myamplifiers, and it works well so far, providing decent connection.

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