Mobility Aids


Do you use a walking stick or a walking frame with wheels? During 'off' periods, I find walking very difficult/ almost impossible. I have trouble using a walking stick because I can't get my head around moving my legs and the stick becomes an added burden. If I stand and think about it for a while, I put the stick forward and 'sort of' shuffle up to it (method not recommended in public places like supermarkets!). I have just sent for a 'Parkinson's' stick - hoping for magic!

When I am 'off'' , I can't carry anything at all, not a walking stick, not a piece of paper, not my handbag. Nothing at all.

A pwp friend has similar problems with a walking frame with wheels. Does anybody use one successfully - without it running away when person freezes? The brake/braking is also a problem.

Is a frame without wheels easier to use?

I hope somebody has the answers.

Thank you





Hi !

I am  in a similar boat.  Worst if at night if I need to get up.

I find standing with  my good side arm and stick  forward and when ready launch  by bad side leg.  With luck the momentum of swinging the bad side leg will allow the good leg to respond and get the stick moving forward.  Failing that walking / shuffling backwards can help with the stick in  your good had or using your good hand as a support against door frames etc.

But everything  is far from ideal and I am open to suggestions to improve


Take Care





Thank,Westby.Yes! I walk backwards too - and if that doesn't work - I crawl on the floor!




I was on the floor crawling with my grandson when I realised it was a better way to get around . He found it fun also .

Get some funny looks though when I try and crawl into the local pub . !confused