Mobility cars

hi ,i have a mobility car,carnt drive no more,i have to relie on family to drive me or freinds.i have at the mo the ford fiesta zetec,and it such a comphy drive,the only prob with it is that u have to put the wheelchair up rite in the boot,by takin the parcel shelf out.or drop the back seats to lay it down flat.the next car i need a bigger boot,ive seen the ford focas and u can lay it down quite easy in there ,so then keepin all seats up,and still hav space for shoppin bags as well.other wise it is then to go to severn seater or a 4x 4,but they drink the petrol and it to big for just me.wot mobility car have you got? and do you find it suits you,or do you need to change next time for simular reasons to me:smile:
Vauxhall Zafira Diesel. 45 mpg, huge inside
I will be changing to a Focus in May because of the extra space, especially for the wheelchair.
Do motability pay for your oil and fuel? Do they pay for the adaptations to accommodate wheelchair bound People?
Hi everyone. As usual it's ages since I last posted anything but I do like to see what people are chatting about.
I have a mobility car and like Alij I have to have somebody to drive me usually my husband or my son. The problem I have is that with the changes motability has announced not only will the choice of cars be reduced but it will be unlikely that my son will be able to be a named driver as he is only 20.
Named driver will have to live within 5 miles, which effectively rules out my daughter.
Yes Poker, all adaptions are included. Apart from that it's like any other lease car - the same as a company car.

All servicing, tyres, exhausts, breakdown cover, tax and insurance are included. The weekly charge is sent to them directly by the benefit people, so all you have to do is put petrol in.

And get a blue badge for the window. Or was that a blue badger......?

Lol.....I'm fine with that.

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My husband was only diagnosed with parkinsons after he became 70 .I am sure you can understand he had Obviously been struggling with it for many years before this . Unfortunately he is not now eligible for disability allowance or car I cannot see what the difference is between your needs are just the same . I don't normally moan and have not considered myself greedy . He has had to give up driving himself now , of course we do miss the car . I do my shopping on line these days . Don't know how I would manage otherwise

I am not a driver and am tooooo old now to change but my daughter who lives close does