Mobility equipment

Do some of you use wheelchairs or rollators inside or outside ? Is it a help only at certain times/places ? Thinking of investing in a wheelchair but need advice.

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Good evening Joleyn … My GP’s surgery have referred me to the Bexhill Primary Care Network working towards a healthier community. I have a number of referrals to see various departments. One does Neurological Physiotherapy. I am to be assessed for my needs. My understanding is that there are mobility devices available, like wheelchairs. I would ask your GP to refer you.

I was recently put on Sinemet [for my Atypical Parkinson’s] & I feel my walking is better, so I won’t ask for a wheelchair just yet. Maybe in the Summer.

I live in a 1 bed ground floor flat on my own & can get around well enough. I prefer the idea of getting around under my own steam. I just hope it doesn’t snow. I haven’t asked if they do snow shoes or toboggans.

Best wishes