Mobility issue

It has happened to me twice in the past 3 or 4 months. I am out for a walk when I lose control. My gp described it as trying to catch up to your centre of gravity and says it is a symptom of PD. It feels like you are falling and so you have to walk faster, even break into a wild jog, to prevent a fall and the last time it happened, I did fall, face first into the snow.

Has anybody experienced this? If you have, is there ever a warning, sort of a "tell", that it is going to happen? Is there a way of walking that will prevent it happening? It has only happened twice, does it get worse as time passes? What drugs help to prevent it?

Thanks for your consideration.
My husband has experienced this. You were lucky to fall in snow - my o/h's first fall was face first onto gravel! Our PD nurse suggested counting, i.e. 1, 2. 1, 2 to regulate the paces. Sometimes a stick will help as well.

I don't know whether my o/h had any warning but I suspect not. However others may say that they do. As with all aspects of Parkinsons everybody's experience is different.

Sorry I can't be much help but I do feel for you.

Thank you for responding worrels. I shall try the 1-2 technique and, if it doesn't work, I will use a walking stick. I appreciate your input.
Hello Wpgchap,

This is a common problem with pd and you can get help from a Physio, some area have Neuro physio's so ask your PD nurse or GP for a referral because you need to get this in check before it becomes a real problem. Try to stand for a minute or two before you start walking and walk tall and count as you go or think you are marching as this will help, my husband falls all the time but has a way of falling onto his knees and fortunately hasn't broken which is amazing when you consider he falls about 20-30 times a day he has got really lumpy knees though, he worries everyone!
Best of luck
Try stopping, turning round, then face the way yo want to go. Then make the first step long step. It works for me, but you need to repeat this routine whenever yo you have the problem
Thanks for all your replies. I intend to try each suggestion and I hope you don't mind, I have included them in my blog (
hiya ,this has happined many times to me,ive had pd 12 years and am 43 years lucky you fell in the snow,could of been nasty falling flat on your face.wot ive done is a count when walking,when i went to phiseo thearpist she taught me to do this kind of rytheme.i dont no if your gp has refered you to go to phiseo,but it deffo a good idea to.gait is a big issue with pd,im afraid to say walking in my case has got worse,but dont let me put the downers on things cus it not always like that,some pd people dont have servere gait also depends on wot meds your on,your pd nurse should be helping you with this,if you have one.if you dont ,call the puk helpline and they will see if there is one in your area and you can then be connected to him.or next time you see your neuroligist ask him for a pd nurse.i do hope ive helped a bit.pease take care and have a good christmas.x:smile:
Thanks for your reply Ali j. Unfortunately, we do not have PD nurses in Canada where I live. Fortunately, it is not too difficult to get an appointment with a neuro. I have a movement disorder physio but unfortunately she is harder to get an appointment with but fortunately, my wife is a physio. I will show your post to her for advice.
Morning wpgchap, I have had a few falls once ending up in Hospital with neck damage and concussion. To help you pace your walking try using a Walkman with a
favourite track, as long as it has a pronounced beat and match your gait to the beat, also use your stick, again to measure your lenghth of gait I find this method really does help concentrate my 7 Brain cells on the task in hand, or maybe that should be foot, "task in foot" yes that sounds OK but BEWARE or BEALERT
I am not sure what a Lert is but I think its in relation to situational awareness
this feature is not on the optional extras list for some people who will walk out
in front of a 44Ton Artic blissfully unaware of their Impending doom, so my message is keep one ear clear,or you may not make Christmas or New Year, is that clear.
Hope this helps you Sir with one of the most distressing aspects
of PD Kindest Regards and Best Wishes for New Year
fedexlike :sunglasses:
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