Mobility Scooter when not 100% needed

Let me explain the 100% bit. I can walk and when I can I do and at 52yo I was not ready to consider a Mobility Scooter…

Now more and more days I cannot walk very far or safely, lots of balance issues which is why we have converted the house so I don’t have to tackle stairs anymore (I am a nightmare on steps); add that to my 2 days a week job soon to end (I’ve been off for 8 weeks and OH and HR has been initiated so I know where it’s going)… I am on my own in the day with Wife at work Son at school so my Wife suggested it…


Well 4 weeks on from getting one and WOW, I can use it to get to my local row of shops, potter about the shops, have a cuppa, come home.

I was a bit embarrassed at first but I look at it now as a means to get me out of the house socialising so can only be a good thing.

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Hello strumjough
Good for you. Too many only see equipment, any equipment in negative terms and will not even try it. If, however, they did as you have ie given it a go and discovered how much your quality of life has been improved because of your mobility scooter, then perhaps their view on the value of using equipment may change. Equipment doesn’t make you dependent; what it does is gives a means of maintaining independence and by default will have a positive effect on your quality of life - exactly as you have found.
It was lovely to read your post and how your initial thoughts didn’t stop you trying a mobility scooter and that your quality of life has improved as a result.
Best wishes

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I have just read your post and found it inspiring! I too feel a mobility scooter is a step too far!
Ironically I have worked with ppl who have mobility issues for several years, and I have said many times equipment is about making them independent and NOT dependent. Cut to now, I am experiencing mobility issues but remain stubborn about using equipment of any kind! However your post has made me think about it more rationally, I think one day soon I too will bite the Mobility Scooter apple, which as you say gives you more freedom and independence, At the end of the day I suppose it’s about acceptance rather than denial.
Take care and happy travels :motor_scooter: x

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Hi Strumjough, I used to use a stick some years back and felt (old) mind you I was in my mid 60s and maybe considered getting that way. I stopped using one and was ok walking then came the time I thought I might need one so I bought one, two. If i need to use one I might as well have brightly coloured ones. There came a point last year when some new meds I was taking made me fall asleep and fall off the chair onto my knees on the floor and made my knee which had osteo arthritis. So now I have a trolley//walker. which is also brightly coloured. I would love a Mobility Scooter. My husband does not want me to have one. I use one when I go round Kew Gardens so I manage to see a lot more than if I was on foot, You do not have to use it all the time only if and when you cannot walk a long distance. I see all these other people wizzing past my window getting out and about and enjoying themselves.
I too think I should not use one but then why not. It is not about making one feel older than we probably think but about going out and about doing the things we were able to do before. I am sure the quality of life will be ten fold.
Best wishes Sharon x


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I think you’re right skyblue, one of the issues with mobility equipment in particular is that it can make you feel old or even feel like you look old to others. Not a problem I have myself but I do recognise it can be an issue. I too used a walking stick and still do (it depends what I am doing, where I am going, how I am getting thre and how I am on any given day) but a while back I opted for a rollator (a wheeled walker) not because my mobility had worsened but simply because I found it more comfortable to walk, I had a better posture and could maintain a pretty good walking speed. When I was looking at which one to buy, quite important to me was the weight as I needed to be able to lift it up and down some steps from road level to my flat. I came across one which was about half the weight of most, it was expensive at £500 but I saved up and bought it because the weight was so beneficial. That has proved to be an excellent buy, yes I can get it up and down the steps, it is also very easy to manoeuvre, simple to adjust the handle height and looks very sleek and modern as all the brake cables etc are hidden in the frame. Although this was not my primary reason for buying it, I love it not least because if doesn’t make me feel like I am using an old person’s walking aid - that’s a bonus lol (In case you’re wondering I will be 67 this year.)

In case anyone may be interested here is a link to the rollator. Worth every penny as far as I am concerned.