Mobility scooter


just got a 8mph mobility scooter took me a while to get my head round getting one as so young ,but people said theres loads of young people on them,its the best decision i have made in a long time its great dog loves it as well gets a nice long run now .! change my life for the good can do 20 miles on a full tank lol


Hi Gus

Good to hear you are enjoying new found freedom on your mobility scooter. And that your new dog is too.

Are you still cycling? It us hard to fit it all in with these short days!



last went on bike three weeks a go starting to get cold ,so i walk dog two times a day & take dog maybe twice on mobility scooter as he is only two and i don't want to over do it as he is still young ! wheres the sun gone. neutral


Hi Gus

I assume you decided to rehome an older "pup" rather than take on an 8 week old. Very wise! I had forgotten what hard work a new pup is when we had our last one. He is now 4 years old, reasonably civilised, although acts like a 4 month-old at times!! Typical Labradoodle brain I am told, but so loving with it.  As I sit here trying to type this, he keeps bringing me his "eye", the last tiny bit of a stuffed duck toy he's had all his life, to throw for him. Its soggy and filthy, but it is his favourite thing.

Your new boy is a very lucky dog to have a motorised owner - as you say, must not overdo the running yet!!

Yes, it is getting chilly for cycling ( need good windproof clothing ) and far too many wet days. Roll on Spring, for happier dog walking and cycling ! !