Mobility Scooters


I'm writing on behalf of my Dad who was diagnosed with PD tihs summer.  He is thinking of buying a mobility scooter so that he and my Mum can still get about in the local towns.  They are in their early eighties and Mum is still driving.  Getting a scooter in an out of a car looks like it might be problematic and I wondered if anyone had experience of hoists, ramps etc.  There is a scooter called a quingo flyte that looks very good as it stows itself in your car on rails that pull out from the back of the car.  Expensive but I wondered about second hand....  Has anone tried this model or can you recommend an alternative?

Any experiences and advice would be really useful. 

Many Thanks

Hi Windrush

I have a mobility scooter that simply  folds down - it folds itself down to the size of a suitcase, and can easily be lifted into the boot of a car. The Quingo and those ramps are furiously expensive, and unnecessary. I’ve never tried the quingo, but it looks to have a very low ground clearance. Many shop doors have a small kerb which can trap a low mobility scooter in my experience. For town work, bigger wheels and higher ground clearance are vital. I have an electric wheelchair that does that job easily. 

If you like, to avoid advertising, I’ll point you in the right direction to find the right piece of kit to fulfil the job description via PM, and a sight cheaper than the quingo.