Mobility scooters

Who has a mobility scooter?do you go out alone,or with a carer/family.

Having a scooter can give alot of people independence.

There is a class 2 scooter which goes max 4 miles per hour,it not seem much but it quite fast when you sitting in it.this is used on paths ,it has a horn ,brakes lights,mirror and reflectors.
Class 3 scooter goes 8 miles perhour it can go on the road,aso on a is not advised to go on a dual carrage way but no law to say no,long as the cars are goin less than 50 mile per hour.if you do go on a road you have to register with dlva,disabled taxation class,display nil duty tax disc for 12 months.

I have a class 2/3,so can use mine on road and path,it been best thing i did since i can not walk much,it gives indepence.

Hi Ali j just be careful doing sharp bends I seen two elderly folks thrown out of there's scooters onto the floor.which really shook them up .twins99
Please take care and do not treat it like a car . I find that generally they go faster than people who have not got a mobility problem .

Having said that just before my husband was diagnosed , while out shopping with me at our local indoor market he got knocked down by someone on a scooter while they were reversing .

You shouldnt take for granted that others who are walking along haven't got Parkinsons or any other mobility probems themselves including sight problems .

My husband brother actually knocked a blind man over while tipping his scooter over at the same time .

Please don't think I am against mobility scooter, I wish my husband was able to use one ..
yes your both rite in wot u say,it very imprtant how it is drivern,not as easy as you think.goin in shops can be a challange to,gettin around things,the baskets full of stuff on the floors,i swaer they get closer and closer to the units.prams carnt even get passed sometimes.mobility scooters have a speed dial on it,mine goes up to a numer 10,which makes it quite fast,goin round corners,u have to move it down to 4 ,or u can go off the curb easy.also some shop keeprs dunna like scooters in there shops,you get a nasty look,and wont to get out quick.thats happined to me a few body people some times have a giggle at disabled people on them,kids did it to me once out side the chemist by me bunglow,and the pharamist,came out and shouted at erm,they soon shut up and walked away,you think they be abit more mature than that,they were in bout year 9 in the seniour school,but were showin off in front of other mates,and gettin silly.when wot happined to me last wedsneday in the woods,couple plice said how we gonna get her scooter back to her bunglow,i remeber one of the responce parmedics sayin ride it over,follow the cyle path to the end and turn rite,and he said i carnt do it,just those words i carnt do it,made me think,is it i carnt or i wont ,anyway they called beci and she drove it back to me bunglow when the ferensics had finished with it.
Now a day mobility scooters become a need of many people. Some of them are many comfortable for people. Thanks for sharing your post.