Mobility Scooters

Hi Folks,

 We went to see our granddaughter competing in a fun run on Sunday  and they also had a classic car show there - wow.
There was a mk2 Jaguar 3.8 with wire wheels, lovingly restored, just like the one I learned to drive in, except for the colour.
Then just behind it was a mk9 Jaguar 3.8 immaculate condition, which is like the one my wife and I did our 'sparking '  in, as shown in my avatar.
Then there was a VW camping car just like the one I picked up at  Fleischhauers in Cologne in 64, and took a leisurely 4 days to drive it back to the UK, via Germany, Holland & Belgium, into France 
Far too many to mention, but I had a really great time and saw some fantastic motors, and met an old friend who offered me the loan of his mobility scooter, which he delivered this afternoon.
It's an older Mercury Rio4+ finished in a red scratched colour, but who cares?
I charged the batteries and fired it up and shot off down the pavement like a demented 'snail' - max speed 4 mph, but I didn't care, it was great, and enabled me to take the dog for a walk for the first time in ages, and I feel it gives me so much extra ability to do things outside again,
So now I am definitely getting one myself - any recommendations?

arrowbig grin I would recomend you purchase a scooter Mike, you wil be able to visit your favourite haunts with ease   I will  get back to you later as I have to go out


     Hello Mike

              I have been investigating a 4x4 all terrain vehicle Battery powered, it looks fantastic, but despite phone messages and e mails no one seems interested, if and when they contact me I will let you know, but there are many types to choose from, I bought mine from a family who no longer needed it it was only used twice , I could not get around the village witout it and its great fun wizzing around the deserted streets in the early hours I also do the shopping for beloved.

                                               Kind Regards  Fed

As long as scooters are used responsibly, no problem.

However, that is not always the case and I have frequently been almost mowed down by scooter users locally.

Yes, we will be be there some day, but hopefully we will be considerate scooter users, not thinking that the pavement belongs to use, not tooting out horns to make other give us space and not   scooting along at silly speeds.

coolbig grin Hello benji

  Its a nice morning here in Northumberland so I think Iwill leap onto my " Mbility  Scooter" and zoom off to the cafe in the village, I feel  well after a deadly wake up, every morning is  every morning is the same now,, I used to love going down to the beach at 4.30hrs to see the sunrise, at 4.30 now I have to crawl everywhere, as my legs wont support my body, I manage to get to the bathroom but thats not the end of my struggles as I have generate enough power to stand up, the pain frustration and shame is overwhelming and I often find myself sitting on the bathroom floor weeping at the anger and uselessnessesesss, sorry bit of sillynessesssses there,, sorry sorry, but now I am full of beans( that could be good or bad)  and I am going to  pounce on my McLaren F1 super sport buggy, or if I go too fast a face covered in buggys, these machines can be lethal in the wrong hands the Max speed is 4mph  on thr path  and 8mph on the road, but my son is magic with electrics and tweeked  the llittle pocket rocket so it now does 11- 12mph on the flat ( depending on the wind direction)but will achieve14mph downhill and 122mph over cliffs, though I have no need of the last of its capabilities, BROWN,,, Capability Brown, did the gardens at Blenhem Palace,       nice?? aaal get  mee coat.  I  should explain I never use the rocets or even rockets max power when among  other humans the reason being when THERE ARE A LOTof ped est  treeeeans, if I go to fast they jam up the electric motor when I run them over them then theres the mess  ooooooooooooh you dont want to know benji,JOKING  JOKING  ive a pile of solicitors letters ,speeding  violations,, and of course  DIoBs ,, or PI,,,,d,,Drunken Imbecile on  BUGGY, i JUST TAKE NO NOTICE and plead insanity seriouly though you do have to be extremely carefull when on the foot path as people just walk out of shops without looking , car drivers simply overtake you on the road and turn left  that really p,,,,,s me off, other than that, oh one more thing you feel a bit of a dipstick at first  but once you have put a couple of people in casualty that feeling goes. Well im off on the rocket, keep a eye on the news or a ear on he radio and you will hear my latest adventures                              Take care my friend, ( and look out for bu,,,s on buggys)



i would love to get my dependancy back since loosing it some years ago, i use to drive a car and motorcycle , i was totally gutted when i had to give up both vehicles.........ive been looking at the mobility vehicles but they dont do anything for me , after having some superb cars and motorcycles over some 20 years, jumping into one of these mobility vehicles just dont cut it, seems a tad pointless to me. Does anyone else think the way i do or is it just me ??.........Maybe its the length of time that ive had this parkinsons nightmare ?? i was diagnosed at 32 i am now 53, 21 years geeesh i could have gone to prison and been out by now lol

                                                                thanks, take care and be safe all

                                                                    welshbearuk aka Hugh

coolGood Morning welshbearuk

                 Go on you tube and type in TERRAIN HOPPER,  this may be more to your liking but the  price is off putting, I will contact you later as  must go out


Ok thanks , Fed i will check it out, cheers !!

I know this wont be much use to you but might make you smile thinking about it, when I could barely walk for a couple of years and I worked just down the road from me I actually found an electric kids mini scooter with a seat haha and it got me to work and back just fine! I guess Im not ashamed of people thinking im 'disabled' but on this silly little scooter people just smiled instead of looking at me with pity, especially cos Im young-ish! Also I worried a bit if I had a proper mobility scooter and I look young and healthy, people would think Id just nicked an elderly persons scooter! I loved the fact it got me out of the house though and got a bit of fresh air so I think a scooter of some kind is a great idea for anyone who cant walk far =)

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Well folks, I blew my inheritance on Saturday, buying a new 2GoAbility Zoom 4 wheel scooter, boy these things are not cheap , but I / we decided that a transportable job would be more use to me than a full blown road going job .

I do like the all terrain scooters but not the car like prices, and the building of a new garage to keep the beast in, and I quite fancy the Billy Connelly motor trike copy, although  8 mph on Route 66 may be a bit too slow?
Anyway, I took it along with me when my daughter & granddaughter took me to see the Beach Boys on Saturday evening, and we got through the crowds no problem, and I sat in it for nearly 2 hours at the show, very comfortable.
It's a pavement job, and does 5 miles an hour,but tackles fields/parks , gravel, hills etc like they weren't there , so very pleased, but best of all, the dog likes it.
Getting it in & out of the car is a bit of a struggle for me, because of lack of balance, not strength,but the 'boss' helps & it's taken apart & loaded in seconds - they say women are the strongest sex ?
It's given me so much freedom, who cares what others think !

Thats great, sounds like a good choice!

Thanks Suzy,

I was a tad embarrassed I must admit, when I first had to use a walking stick, and the same when this stupid disease forced me to get a 3 wheeled frame to get about, and I feel that everyone is looking at me when I get the 'wheelchair treatment' at the airports, just like the first time you wear a uniform in public, but of course they aren't - on this scooter I really don't care what people think - it's a godsend, and I would recommend them to fellow sufferers.

Maybe with lots of use I can look younger & healthier just as you do, and I'll certainly get a lot more fresh air than I have for some time.

The other major bonus is that ' my symptoms disappear ' whilst driving it.

Hello Mike

          Im delighted you have joined the battery powered hells angels,they are also good for shopping trips my grandson scoots up and down the garden with mine, a budding Colin McRae me thinkscool

Hey Suzy , Can ya ride tandem ?? lol vroooooooom !!

Maybe get a sidecar haha