Good evening everyone. I’d like to know if anyone has similar problems to the ones
I currently have. Any advice would be appreciated.

I’m 69. Positive DATscan 6 months ago. Diagnosed with Atypical Parkinson’s & Peripheral Neuropathy with a bit of Arthritis thrown in. I take Amitriptyline for the PN also Ramipril high blood pressure medication.

I had a “freezing episode” last Wednesday during indoor bowls. Two days in hospital & was thoroughly checked out. Everything good. My issues were “Parkinson’s” related they told me.

Until last Wednesday I would have said that my Parkinson’s symptoms were very mild & I am on no Parkinson’s medication … But had a past brief affair with Madopar & Ropinirole … Both stopped after slight negative reaction & no noticeable improvement to my mild symptoms.

But since I got out of hospital late last Thursday I have had extreme difficulty walking. My steps are shorter & my walking speed is half what it was. I did go bowling today & the bowling part was ok with no freezing but walking the 40 yards from one end to the other was an extreme challenge.

Thanks for reading.

Hi Steve2, I have no specific experience of that and can offer only general advice, I’m afraid. Exercise is the key to keeping it at bay. Speak to your GP or Parkinsons Nurses and they should be able to refer you on to a local exercise class. I do one that is PD Warrior based and one that focuses on movement and balance. And I use a walking pole (as in Nordic walking etc) - adjustable height to keep your spine straight and it provides a suitable level of support. Neil

Hey Neil, do you have any recommendations for which walking poles to buy? I freeze often, so I’m a bit worried that if I freeze while using these poles I’ll fall over

I have two types. I was given a pair of Leki Tucson which are easy to collapse when needed. I believe they are similar to Leki | Trekking and Nordic Walking Poles. I also have a Trespass Transcender like this Trespass Transcender Walking Pole (2pcs). This has a shock absorber in it but I don’t know if that is essential. My advice would be to go to a walking shop (GoOutdoors, Trespass, Mountain Warehouse, etc) and talk to an assistant. Tell them the issue and see what they recommend. If you have a Nordic walking group near you, contact whoever runs it and ask their opinion. Also talk to your GP/Parkinsons nurse and see if they have any guidance, or visit your local PUK group and ask if anyone there uses a walking pole you can try out. I only tend to freeze on standing so I’m not sure I can usefully comment on falls. Hope that helps.