Mom is having hallucinations at night

Does anyone have any experience with this? She is seeing images of people on the walls of her bedroom. She is convinced the neighbor’s kid is projecting images and taking over her tv, internet, computer, etc… Hearing her talk about this stuff is scary, because she believes its real. She says she is going to pursue charges, but I know that is futile. Any ideas of what to do?

I think hallucinations are common, sometimes related to medication. Has your mum had any appointment with a Neurologist? If so, maybe mention it at the next appointment. If your mum was to hear it from a professional that its a side effect and not real, she may be more accepting? And it might be possible to tweak the medication


It’s a common side effect after some time being on levodopa medicine. It mostly happens at night(after taking medicine throughout the day, dopamine level becomes too much).

If you don’t get any sleep, it becomes worse, because you have to take medicine for the nighttime to stay mobile.

I had to come off oral tablets (I was taking Stalevo 125mg every 90 minutes) I was hearing voices. Now I am a duo dopa pump that gives me levodopa directly at a constant rate for 16 hours. For the nighttime, I take Sinemet XL (slow release). I also take anti-psychotic meds as well. It controls dopamine levels in the part of the brain responsible for thinking.

So check with the Neurologist, he should be able to assess her if there is any need to change meds, etc.

HI and welcome to the site This is just what I know my hubby would sometimes shout and swear even though he would be fast asleep, He has had me by the neck and kicked me out of bed, and at the time fast asleep, Went to see GP he told us to sleep in seperate rooms, changed GP in fact went through 5 GPs my hubby has jumped out of bed and ran into the bed room wall the wall won!! he dived out of bed one night saying he had to save our son, This went on for about 5./7 years. Then one day seeing a doctor at QMC Nottm in the room was professer Jill Baker she heard me telling the doctor about my husband dreaming and straight away she said REM Jill gave him a px for meds and he as never looked back… The thing is another friend’s wife had the same thing seeing things at night, it is one of those things you get from having PD condition or medication.
The thing is though my hubby as not got PD but it is me who has the condition. Please please do look this condition up just for mum to be safe or ring our help line for advice.