Monday 17th June. Neuro appt


I am nearly 51 female and have had various symptoms for 10years. In the last 12 mths symptoms have gotten progressively worse. As MS runs in our family and the symptoms at time I went to neuro late last year, she thinks I may have MS, which is what I thought I might have. As had tests for functioning epilepsy. November last year I short circuited at work, where tremors I didn’t think about mentioning to neuro got so bad I felt like I was being shaken from inside out, to point I couldn’t even hold a cup of watercwith it not spilling everywhere, other symptoms also were in play. I noticed also what go calls ticks in my fingers. As well as a few weeks ago I had hold of something and I couldn’t let it go, like signals from brain to hand wasn’t getting through. My daughter was fascinated with my hand as once I could open it she said it was in slow motion like a flower opening up. I am having issues with my walking and finding I am shuffling, especially if walking long distances, which tire me out. Tremors have now started in my chin/face-lips-eyes, arms leg etc ( not at all the same time) I find my right arm doesn’t swing much or at best lays by my side. When I try to walk with both arm swings the walk isn’t pretty. So I think I will be going into neuro on Monday expecting I don’t have MS, and suspect I may have Parkinson’s instead. Hoping on Monday the neuro can give me a name of what she thinks I may have. Symptoms getting worse and am nervous I will be dismissed without being any closer to knowing what I have.
So please send good vibes and prayers my way.
I don’t want to feel the way I do anymore, I want my life back, or at least a life I can adjust too, and get on with it instead of no answers and finding each day I struggle abit more. If diagnosed on Monday to be honest there will be no tears unless tears of relief.
Monday I will be Ready for whatever comes my way.


Can entirely understand why Monday’s appointment is so important to you. I am sure I won’t be alone in wishing you well. Please let us know how you get on


Hi @Lisa1968
I hope you get your answers soon and can get on with life not normally but at least better equipped for your journey.