Mood swings?

Hello to the forum. My husband has Parkinson’s, he was diagnosed about a year ago but it has been coming on for much longer. He is a retired doctor so he knows what is in store. We chugged along for awhile at first, ‘getting on with life’ but the beastie appears to be catching up with us. My husband’s mood swings can be particularly perturbing as they are subtle. At first I think it’s me he’s angry with but then I realise it’s the Parkinson’s altering his cognitions. Any advice for this or even just hearing that we’re not alone in this ?

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Hi Trix72, low mood and depression are so common in PD. In the year before I was diagnosed I tried six different antidepressants without much effect, but having started taking Madopar in combination with yet another antidepressant, my mood has much improved and become more stable. So do talk to the GP or PD nurse about it and don’t let you or your husband continue to suffer
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Thanks for your advice.

@Trix72 Hi I also diagnosed this last year. But i am still using medicine of this. Now a days depression has become common in youngster and old. I think it is suare issue you need to check the doctor.

Thanks for doing this hospitality. :slightly_smiling_face: