Mood Swings?

Quick question .. My mum was told she had parkinsons in oct 2010 and we have had are up's and downs .the meds are finaly working .. The question i would like to ask is mood swings part of parkinsons?? .. As just lately my mum has had some bad moods one minute fine next she goes off on one and i have been on the recieving end and nothing i can do is right?? .. She is 76 and i love my mum but this is starting to wear me down as i am not well myself..
In my experience, mood swings are very much part of pd. Indeed I think that they are probably part of most degenerative incurable conditions. I sometimes found it difficult to retain my equanimity with my own mother.(non pd)
Try to hold on to the fact that you love your mother
best wishes
annebernadette .. Thanks for the reply.. being a carer to my mum its hard to avoid her when she is on one, she seems to know which buttons to push and i snap back which is not nice..
Sadly mood swings are a very big part of my PD. The worst part is feeling guilty and bad taking them out on the one's you love.

Bite your tounge if you can, learn when to avoid, enjoy the good times.