Hi new to forum and awaiting Datscan results. Lots of symptoms . My dad had PD too but the worst is I was always happy go lucky and have terrible moods now . It’s driving my husband mad but more importantly , I look after little ones , and it’s making them think I’m angry :angry: Is this a sign of early PD?

Hello Charliebear & welcome to the forum. My guess would be that you are worried that you might have Parkinson’s Disease. This is causing your moods.

When my Datscan was positive I was relieved to know what was wrong with me, once I had got over the shock of it all.

For me Parkinson’s seems to be a very slow progressing disease. I was diagnosed
12 months ago but had symptoms for a good few years.

Best of luck.

Dealing with the physical symptoms and the stress of a potential PD diagnosis can also impact your mood and emotional well-being.