Moods with dbs

I have had dbs fitted for nearly 2yr 4months have started to notice i am getting a very short fuse temper,me & wife talk about it & i would never hit her ,love her but i fire up over the most stupid things I'm on amitripyline for nerve pain and it also works as antidepressant may a trip to the gp is in order .Dose any one else suffer from this also with dbs !

Dont have dbs but have found  that i can sometimes being extremely touchy and moody , dont know if mood swings are a pd thing or not but some days i could fall out with myself  and i can go from happy to moody at the drop of a hat , red face

Ditto no dbs. But moods? You betcha. i can be sharp, sarcastic, rude (and only to family of course). Fall out with myself? You should hear the language I call myself!

For once, i think this a genuine PD symptom, since I've had it since before meds and it's been rather better since. Part of it's frustration when I'm not as agile as i was. Part of it is tiredness - I can get particularly fractious when I'm tired, and perversely try to do more. How childish it all is (but also upsetting to my o/h).

Solutions? Recognise the symptoms, take a deep breath, back off, and tell myself to calm down. Well, that's the theory.



Ithink you are correct in the fact that it can be frustration  that makes us moody , i was out with a friend last week and i was coming the end of my meds dose and due a next dose and i was trying to eat some chips what ever i tried it was so difficult trying to pick the chips up on the fork i got so frustrated that i sat and cried  over a bowl of cheesy chips cry, sheer frustration , i explain to my friends/family that some days i am moody and that its the pd so i dont think they take it to heart  well i hope they dont red face

thank you both for your response ,normally i can control it but I'm like a raging bull sometime its quite scary,if it carrys on i will phone dbs nurse up ! cheers