Moody Blues or Happy Feet


I'm probably in the wrong place, but hope to be redirected if necessary

I used to hang around here some time ago, but life got in the way, and time was precious, still is, in fact even more so.

When I wake up in the morning I can feel elated or desolate. I was going to say desperate but desolate seems even more appropriate!

Knowing that I need to do one of the following helps me out.

1 if I wake up feeling good, then I need to maintain that feeling.

2 if I wake up feeling down, then I need to pick myself up

3 if I wake up not knowing how I feel,, I guess that's apathy, but here I have a choice, several, even infinite choices.........some stupid, some funny, some serious, some thought provoking....?....And if I remember, that, when my mind and body are at their best. I quite a lot that I think I can't when they're out of sync. Does that make sense

4 if I don't wake up, I won't even know that I'm dead, so no worries on that score

In any event what sets me off on the right track is music. 

There have been two songs running through my head today and I want to provide a link. Can someone tell me if that can be done please.

The first one is choo choo cha boogie (take me right back to the track, Jack)

The second one was sent to me by a friend from long ,long ago, schooldays in fact.

Don't give up, by Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel

So, for me music plays a big part in my management of PD

Hoping  to hear how, and if', others relate to this.























I can very much relate to music playing a part in our well being, I've always got mine on!

lovely post, thanks for sharing (not sure if above links will work, but I tried).




Thanks, Ali,

They worked, and put a smile on my face.

Will try myself tomorrow.


lolGlad to hear 

I could be teaching my Granny how to suck eggs here......why she would ever want to do such a thing is a mystery.......however........

For music lovers Spotify is brilliant. You can have a free account for ten hours a month or go pro unlimited if you pay.

The reason it is brilliant is it covers every genre and has related artists to help you find new music. In conjunction with You Tube and Grooveshark you will have limitless music.

Set up one account for yourself and one for your partner on Spotify and you have 20 hrs between you.

If you already use these just ignore wife does.


Yes, I agree!!  Spotify is a must!  I love it....

So do I..............and Spotify's not bad either. (I should really refrain from these silly remarks, but it's so tempting)



just couldn't keep away from temptation,


but of a different sort of passion

wouldn't it be great if we, and non parkies, could see our movement in a different way?

take a look at this. Look familiar?


if we could work with our slow rigid movements I believe we could make them look beautiful.

Try it out sometime. I'm going to give it a go.







I do it with 14 other ladies on a Monday morning.........Pilates that is.

First time I went I thought they'd laugh at a bloke. How wrong I was......I now have 14 new friends and a very considerate lady instructor. If it's beyond me she works out exercises sitting on a chair for me. Mrs Morph goes with me when she's not working........just to keep an eye on me!

You should be in bed getting your beauty sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morph xxx

Did get to sleep eventually.

This one to start the day with

Hopefully I'll end on a lighter note




Hi Equa, I go to bed between 2.00 and 3.00am most nights. It gives Mrs Morph a better chance of a good  nights sleep........not that she ever complains.

I love your choice of video. I find break dancing really cool. Rap music only sounds good to me (in most cases) when accompanied by the dance moves. That one reminded me of the Michael Jackson zombie video from Thriller..

I do listen to some Rap and some fact I listen to most things, from heavy rock to classical, if it intrigues me. If you come across good music of any description I am always interested.

Keep on truckin, Morph xxx







Here is another video you might like.

This was one of the shortlisted finalists in the video competition at last years World Parkinson Congress




Hello EF.

That ŵas beautiful,  thank you

i first came across Pamela when I saw this  video of hers:




Both those are real eye openers for me. Love 'em.

Morph xxx

If the truth be told it's sometimes like this :

But when the meds kick in :


I WISH! Nice lateral thinking Equa. xxx

Not sure if this works, but if you like words and music this might be appropriate.

You’re rigbt, Saturn,

totally appropriate, I just can't stay still at times, mind you the shortage of amatadine doesn't help!

Feels like I'm on speed, Except I've never had any.

it feels like this:

or this:


Whereas ths is where I'd like to be

 I know that I'm so full of myself, I can't stop and relate to others.

I'm like a bat out of bell

And I'd much prefer





I tried speed in the mid 80' me it's vastly over just keeps you awake all night.

Magic mushrooms scarred the living **** out of me.

Dope made me laugh.......I had to eat it because I don't smoke.

But now I have Madopar.......I see some wonderful things on this med. A public toilet turned into Dr Who's telephone box.......... and its 100% legal on prescription.