More research, published 13 Nov

We live on in hope.

very intresting thanks ! are they saying taking meds by patch or pump better if so what strenghs do the patches come in .  sinemet 62.5mg /125mg how can you mix a patch hmmm

more detail here if its the same thing. looks very promising

bit clearer cheers turnip you doing well,enlightened

hi Gus, if it is the same thing it is a belt that pumps the mixture straight into the skin so not needing any surgery. so no waiting lists or expensive operations and into the bin wih duadopa and less dbs operations.

I particularly like the mid stage version. the tablets work ok for me - as long as I dont eat! this could be a big help for a lot of people. 

Made my morning reading about this!


Newly diagnosed, so research overdrive time for me. Not on any prescribed meds yet, as the symptoms are just a "lazy" right arm (more generally lazy right hand side), a little slowness walking (not stumbling yet) and a few aches and pains normally across my back which could be Stella's fault (I find her very relaxing, and the more you drink, the less you feel...)

There's certainly an awful lot of info to try to digest...

I agree , Turnip!

It is a much needed new delivery system which will do away with the dreaded 2 hourly doses and protein killing the meds stone dead!

Bring it on!



Whilst we are looking for improvements can anyone tell me why, when I have ticked " use a capital letter to start new sentences," in ipad settings,  it works on every site except this one, causing severe irritation!

i had a half pint if milk at 11am - ruined the whole bloody day.

i'll be first in line for it!

Yes, there is an awful lot to digest.  And I think there are quite a number of people who would like to try to keep up.  I would recommend being part of the RSN if you are not already.  Our RSN group in the East Midlands produces a newsletter which reports on various research events we hold including accounts of the scientific contents of talks etc.  And less scientific research topics too.  You can find copies of the newsletter on this site at .  It would be good to see other groups forming around the country helping to promote research and with people discussing research progress.