More tests?

I was diagnosed in June of this year after a physical examination. Should I have had any more formal tests? Interested in others' views and/or experiences

Hi Lloyd,

I was diagnosed this summer too, so still learning all about it.

I had blood tests and an MRI (which I think are to rule out other things, as they all came back normal), but it was a DatScan that led to the PD diagnosis.



Hello Lloyd,

Me 68 and dx 2 years ago on 23rd.

DaT scan showed probaby had PD for years!

From google research it seems the DaT scan is best form of diagnosis but not all docs want to refer.  I got involved in a research project which included me having the scan.

Thank you both for your replies.


T - its the "other things" that I'm stressing about!

I was diagnosed sept just from physical examination , had no scans . I think if consultant is v confident  that it's parky and nothing else that's all you need.  You have to trust your consultant ,they have the experience but if worried ask if it's needed


Totally agree with Kittens , i was diagnosed at my first appointment  as Kittens said if neuro is confident  then  further tests would be of no benefit  and there are no definative tests that can say you have parkinsons a dat scan can show  pd  but not all areas have them  , i had a mri and blood tests but i believe the mri was to rule out other possible causes .