More urgency required by the worlds health & medical governing bodies!

With all the techno gadgets of today being so much more ahead of the times these days, they seem to change monthly, i only wish the same time , effort and money was put into finding a cure. rather than updating an ipod , mobile phone, etc etc If they only knew how our parkinsons nightmare effects us not only on a daily basis but in many of our cases hourly, never an hour the same, killing our lifestyles by id say about 90% . i was going to say i wish they could feel what we feel if only for a day, to sample the nightmare of PD but i wudnt wish that on my worst enemy.
A cure is needed NOW and not in the future ,i can only see yet more decades passing with still no great differance. With more and more parkinsonians praying, wishing and hoping for something that will never happen. please tell me im wrong but being realistic, the brain is truly amazing a computer of its own kind, just a shame we have to pay the price for its motherboard blips, which no computer geek can fix !!

More urgency required please !! i was 32 when first diagnosed i am now 50 well 51 in july, almost 20 years has passed with No major breakthrough, and i fear another 20 will follow. With the best adult years taken from me by this degenerative killing disease, dont get me wrong im not giving up , im a fighter, but our fighting force of the medical world of which we are relying on , will pull their fingers out of their ass, and get a grips, on our behalf, time is of the essence, our time, parkinsonian time !!

P.S. Sorry been due a vent day for a while now, when u gotta vent you gotta vent rite ?? lol its off my chest now thanks ((hugs))
Well said it seems to be the Cinderella illness .

As you said let everyone live with for a day or maybe even longer in some cases LOL .Then they would know what it feels like . Not an easy lillness to describe it's so awful you feel as if you are exaggerating it

It's something I think should happen to the people who feel so hard done by these days . I am 75 let them go back and live like I did as a child for just a week ..
Hello Welshbearuk,

So sorry you are feeling so low, my husband has had the dreaded disease for 30years now and we too have all been robbed of the best years of our life.
Sadly I can't see a cure coming for some time yet but the more people that donate their brain for research hopefully the cure will come quicker, not that I am suggesting you are readly for that yet but having filled in the forms for my husband I think people should get the forms earlier as the changes over the years need to go into the mix.
My husband worked with cleaning agents and I feel this had a big impact on him getting pd, thankfully they are now looking into these chemicals so that should help.
Glad to hear you are a fighter but I do understand that it is not always easy and takes a lot of strength, I hope you have a better day tomorrow.
best wishes