Morning folks ;-)

morning folks, i'm chris, 45, from sunny glasgow, and was diagnosed with parkinsons in the last 2 months, just getting used to things so i thought i'd post and take it from there, cheers, chris ;-)


Hi Chris

No doubt you are still in a state of 'shyte....why me'?

If I can offer any advice to you, it would be to learn and gain knowledge about PD as much as possible in order to combat it.

Some bury their heads and leave it to others to tell them about it.....a big no no!

There is plenty of information concerning all aspects of PD to be found here, whether its about medication, alternative treatments or inventive ideas from Parkies that aid our day to day living.

Good luck with your journey Chris


ps. Who are you trying to kid about been sunny in grey Glasgow? lol cool

Morning Chris, 

I am in sunny Aberdeen, and  enjoying this few rays of sunshine.

I agree with the Pokermid, lots of help and support here. I have found the local group to be helpful,  it just depends on how involved you want to be.

I was diagnosed  April 2012 age 51 so came as a shock, but decided to tell family, friends and work straight away, this has worked for me. 

Have you made contact with the Parkinson’s  nurse or the information support worker, both are great sources of information, at least they are in Aberdeen. 

I wish you well, hopefully  you will find the forum useful.  



welcome chris

Hi Chris, Welcome to the forum.  I'm sure you'll find it a really good source of information and support.  I would echo what Pokermid says about learning as much as you can about PD, bearing mind that progression of the condition and symptoms are very much an individual journey, so try not to panic if you read something which alarms you.  I know I found some information a bit overwhelming at the beginning but given time was able to come to terms with it all and realised that one person's story is not necessarily a predictor for someone else.  The help and support shown on this forum has been very encouraging.  

I am the partner of someone with Parkinson's.

Hello I am new to this site  just wanted to say hello  I was diagnosed about 6 years ago .I try hard to stay positive but find it hard to understand why some days I can get up and feel not too bad then the next day I feel really dopey with internal dithering .I use a mobility scooter at home and my lovely cavalier dog thinks it great when he is allowed to ride if it is raining.Thanks for listening





welcome have you got a name ,lost my dog Labrador girl ebony ,miss her so much  ,she used to make the day seem brighter going on holiday 14 th two wks turkey me & wife .When we get back start looking for new companion.

Hi my name is OPAL 

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Hi Chris I'm from Eaglesham and i can tell the doubters its sunny here as well

I was diagnosed over 3 years ago, but I had symptoms long before, what hospital do you go to?

I was in denial for a while even though I told friends and family.If you live in South Glasgow great support group on web page.

Get your head right and you will be OK. I didn't and a year ago had a breakdown, my fault for not telling family how I felt

Hi all

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