Morning stiffness

Hi anyone suffer torso stiffness in the morning, shoulders/ side flanks where ribs are /mid upper back and lower back im so stiff in the morning i do stretches which helps a little but it dosnt loosen up until later that day im not diagnosed as of yet as awaiting neurological appointment.

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Yes, I am also very stiff first thing in the morning, pretty much all over though particularly in the back and hips. It wears off once I start moving around. I was diagnosed with PD over 5 years ago but the stiffness is more recent.

I am very stiff in the morning, i can hardly move my legs and get out of bed. I take my first tablet and sit with a cuppa for a while and then I am much better.

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I also find it difficult to get going in the morning, What I try and do are what i was taught at physio and it usely works. I think what most of us forget is to take our time. The trouble is when I wake up I feel no different to what I use to, and think ““HURRAY”” my Parkie has gone till I try and get out of bed, then "WHAM " it hits me but we must take each day as it comes!!!

Yes, snap ! Every morning I am so stiff, having been unable to turn over in bed during the nights “sleep”, struggle to raise myself up even sit up on the side of the bed ! My back is SO sore & stiff , my legs the same. My consultant says Parkinsons isnt a disease of pain! I’d like him to walk in my shoes every day he’d soon change his opinion

Hi Wizzer iff yu goto YOUTUBE and find a Parkinson’s Vido by a man named Colin and the vidio is called, What it like to have Parkinson’s.
It is a brillent vidio for he says everything that all of us go though every day.

Will take a look. Theres some good stuff out there on you tube worth looking at particularly exercise stuff …