I find the mornings are the most difficult times for my OH, getting him up some mornings is a mammoth struggle, not the physical, but just getting him to get out of bed. I am trying to establish a routine to help him, but when he refuses to get up, the whole thing goes to pot, his medication is late, his breakfast is late, and it just escalates through the day, late breakfast means he doesn't want to eat at lunch time, but he is hungry in the middle of the afternoon.

If anyone can give me any tips for coping with this, I would be really grateful



I know how he feels, its waking to another day of struggle and "what's the point" ?  But you can

overcome this. I watch TV or radio in bed until time to take first pill. If husband is up I get tea!

By the time my meds kick in I am ready to face the day.Give him his meds in bed if necessary

to keep timing in place. My husband is the one who upsets my routine and drives me mad.

good luck to you both.