Morse code under the skin

Does anyone else have a constant pulsing under the skin like morse code? I have this in both legs all the time. Sometimes I can feel it, like a little tickle. I was only diagnosed in March and apart from a right sided tremor my symptoms aren’t too bad (I am on Madopar). I can’t see that this is common in Parkinson’s so wondered if others have experienced it. I believe the proper name is fasciculations.

Hello Jacquie
I wonder if these feelings are akin to restless leg syndrome which now seems to be linked to a Parkinson’s diagnosis and often experienced for many year prior to diagnosis. My husband certainly has restless legs and has done for most of his adult life. He said explains it as feeling like insects are running around in his legs. He often has to get up in the night to put his feet into a cold floor to get them to settle. Standing and walking used to stop them too. Best Wishes Jane

Hi Jane, thanks for your reply. I get a bit if that as well, but mainly i can just see little spasms or twitches in different parts my legs and feet, all the time.

Sounds uncomfortable and I hope your Parkinson’s team might be able to shine some light on it for you as can’t be atall pleasant to live with. Best Wishes Jane

Hi Jacquie,
Just read your post & it is a bit uncanny, I’ve just messaged my GP about a problem that sounds just like this, I also have numbness in my foot on the same leg. I have not had a PD diagnoses as yet, waiting for appointment with Neurologist (long wait!) My symptoms started with something similar to restless legs but only happened when I was asleep. After a test arranged through my Sleep Clinic I was diagnosed with a condition called Periodic Limb Movement Disorder which is treated with Ropinirole. I wonder if my new symptom is linked with this.
Sorry to ramble on & hope you get this sorted.

Hi William, thanks for your reply, I hope you get to see a neurologist soon, the waiting times are far too long! What I’m experiencing isn’t restless leg or periodic limb disorder which sound far more disruptive and uncomfortable, but a series of pulses or flashes under the skin. Fascinating to watch and which i can only feel as vague fizzing sensation at times when I’m quiet.