Motability car with swivel seat

We are changing our car for a new one with a swivel seat. We have just sent of the forms for a grant for the adaption. We are having trouble finding out from Motability and the people who make the seats which cars are usualy offered with this adaption. We would like to start looking but do not want to wast time looking at cars which are no good for the adaption. We are having the seat which converts into a wheelchair when out of the car.
We wondered if any one else has got this adaption and what cars they were offered.
Hello Belleyeter Sorry cant help with question of car seat but at the same time as reading I noticed that you previously mentioned that your wife was having breathing gasping problem . I wondered if she is still having the same problem .

My husband does the same thing after any small exertion he is gasping breathing shallow/ also troubled with his balance .
Hi. It turned out to be a infection. She was given antibiotics. Her balance has always been a problem especially now. This is why we are geting a car with a Carony evo or simular.
Hi everybody re swivelling on car seats ..some may be aware of this already
a plastic carrier bag ( one of the more substantial ones bag for life type ) put that on your car seat before you get in sit on it (it does help and so very simple)
I have ferried a number of people in my car using a plastic/poly bag to swivel your bum on......( sit your rear in sideways first... then swing both feet round and into the car... the reverse for getting out swing both feet out and onto the ground ..then using your stick/s or helper to get onto your feet )
I am sure you will be able to work it out works really well

Regards to all Ian (M)
Oh how I wish my husband could do just that . Unfortunately he finds it difficult to walk backwards ,out of his comfort zone , spacial awareness , he is the same getting in a chair he normally ends up trying to climb over the arm . Even trying to sit on the toilet . I have got rails in place . The one thing I have found is that he gets in the car easier when he gets in off the road not the pavement . He always steps into the car iot's quite a struggle for all of us .

We mainly use our our daughters car which is not very high . He wasnt diagnosed until he was 70 so not eligible for a mobility car , one of my BUGBEARS , he has given up driving himself .

Just had a brainwave . I will use an armless high chair with a board that extends onto the car seat and slide him down it , how about that