Motability Driving Assesment


my dad was diagnosed towards the end of last year but has only just received a letter advising that he needs to have a motability driving Assesment to keep his driving licence.  However, the information received with the letter is extremely limited and we have no idea what the assessment will entail!

Would love to hear from people who have completed the assesement? 

Thank you



I had a driver assessment last summer and I had been dreading it, but it was actually quite good fun. This is what happened

  • Cognitive testing - counting backwards, remembering series of words etc with an Occupational therapist
  • Sight test to make sure you can see properly
  • Simulator to check your reactions at red lights etc
  • Short drive on a track 
  • An hour's drive on the road, they take you up hill, sharp bends, at speed, tell you to find a nearby town using the road signs, emergency stop etc, very thorough.

The assessor was very nice and made me feel relaxed and at ease and I passed easily

Hope that puts your mind at rest and good luck





Hi all it is 2 years since my last assessment and was on a 1 year licence but my before my next assessment had started with severe Dystonia so in January 2015 I voluntarily surrendered my licence. In May 2015 had DBS operation which has totally rid me of Dystonia and so applied for licence back in August but still waiting, have rang DVLA and say just have to wait !! Also I now have no car to take the assessment when I eventually get a date has anyone else been in the situation of no car, I am presuming I will be able to have the use of an instructors car for the usual 1 hour fee.


third of May exactly as you say done by DrivAbility which is through the NHS very professional, understanding and genuinely wanted to help not hinder all done and my licence is on its way back.