Mother needs a mobile phone

Hi my mother is in her late 70's and has had parkinsons for quite sometime.she has problems initiating movement and pressing buttons,she presses them for too the tv remote she cannot change channels easily as pressing 1 ends up as 111111111 .she really needs a mobile phone  any suggestions? Have tried all the shops but they just suggest big buttons which isn't the problem,thanks for taking the time to read my message Sara spud

I am also interested in any help with this. Good thread Saraspud, thanks for posting.

OH has same problem with the microwave, inputting 5 minutes as 5.55. Tried to find a dial timer old fashioned one when we renewed but it seems they are old hat now, all digital.

Hi Saraspud. Your mum needs a Doro phone. They are designed for people with limited dexterity. Big buttons, large display and no problems with multiple presses. They are pretty basic but really easy to use. There is even an alarm button, which automatically alerts a designated friend or relation in the event of an accident.

Thanks for replies. Will research doro phone xx


Hi there i contacted doro phones they said a long press would produce multiple number unless it was a pre programmed number so ok for usual numbers but no good for dialling a new number xx


Sainsburys does Russell hobs microwave that has two dials one power one timer also a chunky handle on the door,also believe that morrisons stock a suitable micro. Ended up getting an Alcatel phone for mum and programming all her numbers in,not ideal but the best i can find x


big grinHello Saraspud

                My excellent wife? bought me a amplicomms mobile phone its a very good piece of kit for anyone with parky, when you press the large easy to see and use, buttons or keys the phone tells you what letter you have pressed, plus you can program important numbers into its memory meaning you only have to press on key to make the call, it is also a camera  "also easy to use" and it has a built in alarm so if your mum was in difficulties she would only need to press one button and the cavalry arrive within 5 to 10 mins I can thoroughly  recommend this phone ,I have parky, diagnosed 99 and could not find a phone that was simple to use, then my wife brought the basic version of  the  AMPLICOMMS FOR ME TO TEST,and its by far  the best  I have tried, I think your Mum would like it.

                                 Best wishes and Regards to Mum

                     GeorgeWilliam Amplicomm.             Sorry thats me being silly, only joking

                              Kindest Regards         Fed   (amplicomm) no no sorry I have nothing at all to do with the company known as amplicomm and its just a coincidence that a cheque for £4000 was paid into my account by mistake from, G W Amplicomm, I shall return the monies fortwith , well sometime within the next 5 years.

                                  Sorry Sara, this is really me (  I think)  its a good phone though its called  M7000 AND RETAILS ABOUT        £65 70, If you go on the  Amplicomms web site all the info is there.