Motohoming with parkinson's

Hi, i have recently been diagnosed with PD. i retired 18 months ago and my husband has just retired. We bought a small panel van conversion to travel europe on extended trips with the van. The diagnosis has made me wonder how much and for how long can we follow this particular ambition. Has anyone experience of travelling in this way?
after 4 years pd i can drive safely for about 2 hours on strange roads. i would recommend alternating drivers regularly and try and nap in between. at least no-one will expect you to drive fast. your husband may need to do most of the parking eventually. make the most of it.

Yeh do it camargue - me wants to go too morocco this year by myself in26 yr old motorhome .now into 16yr of pd .
Of course if something goes wrong it will serve me bloody well right -spent 35 days away in somerset last year but different ball game abroad
Thanks if you can get to Morocco we can surely get to spain! Having just been diagnosed i am trying to get me head around what it means. The best thing about travelling with a campervan is that you have all your own things with you and you can set your own pace. You can always change your mind enroute and go somewhere different if the fancy takes you. We did 5 weeks in ireland a few years ago and really enjoyed it but thats the longest trip we have made. This time we hope for two months away and some sunshine! Good luck.