Mouth biting while asleep

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A few times now I have bitten the inside of my cheeks while asleep. This does not cause pain or wake me up, but does cause slight bleeding, which ends up on the pillow. My dentist has taken an impression of my top teeth and made me a soft plastic mouthguard which I now wear at night. This seems to work but was expensive and doesn't look as though it will last very long, when subject to daily wear plus cleaning. I was diagnosed a year ago and am taking Rasagiline 1mg daily and Ropinerole (dopamine agonist) 4mg slow release daily.

Has anyone experienced this? Any tips on managing this and in particular looking after mouthguards?



I quite often bite my tongue, usually during my sleep but at times during the day, a couple of times i have bitten into my cheek, my PD nurse and a speech physio who visited my father after a stroke both seemed to have the same thinking that my tongue is often in the wrong place and doesn't know too get out of the way.

the PD nurse took note of it looking too explore it more at my next appointment with her. thats as far as it has gone.

I am experiencing similar tongue biting in my sleep and at other times. I would be interested to know the outcome from your next PD appointment.


Hi Cathy

My Pd nurse suggested clonazepam but i wasn't too keen on it either by the family of meds, intended for short term use and side effects, or other peoples opinions on it so i declined that,  the neuro since  recently suggested discussing rivastigimine but I haven't looked at that indepth as yet, but what i did left me feeling that perhaps isn't for me either.

I have been breaking teeth and i am due to have some implants made due too it i see the dentist in 8 weeks time to discuss further, everything does take time, she knows i am suffering with PD and this has bought extra work for her keeping up with damage, i will have too mention gum shield and best options for it?.

Hi all

Since my last post in September (above) I have been persevering with the soft mouthguard, which was made to measure by my dentist. I have been using this nightly for about 8 months. It seems to be lasting OK and I clean it using soap and water, occasionally soaking it with an OPRO mouthguard cleaning tablet. I have had no problem with biting my cheeks or tongue in my sleep with the mouthguard in place. The original dentist cost was about £100. The dentist made a plaster cast of my upper teeth. He gave me the plaster cast to keep and I have since had a spare mouthguard made by a dental lab for £35.

In summary, the mouthguard is expensive and a nuisance to wear and keep clean, but it seems to be lasting and doing its job.

My wife bought a Dental guard of Amazon called Dentek that stopped her grinding her teeth. We think that one of these would also stop you bitting your mouth. One size fits all,good luck

The gum guard could help you to Cath


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long time since our last post how's the wife getting on these days ? Am not doing so well with the walking just now but I'll get sorted next month when I see p nurse , tell your wife that mad highlander was asking for her 

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           On the good side my wife has not had a water infection for 3 weeks !!! what i do now is i take a sample in after any treatment to check its gone.  She  still gets very tired, even getting a shower is hard work. I tend to help her dress more often than not. She has now got 2 walking aids that help one for around the house that has to trays on it and a four wheel thing with breaks and a seat that is very good when on the odd occasion i can get her out of the house !! We have just had our bathroom changed to a shower room that also helps. My wife should have seen her consultant in June but suprise suprise he is behind in appointments. Thanks for asking Ian and i hope you are managing ok yourself



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am doing alright , good to hear your wife's got that infection out the way here's hoping she can stay all clear of them from now on . I know the walking aid you mean just have to watch where you use them good to catch up take care of yourselves