Mouth moving constantly

My worst involuntary movement is my mouth, honestly it’s a nightmare, when I go to bed I need to hold my mouth still or I cant sleep, I suffer from chronic anxiety,that makes it worse
Have got trazadone 2 at night but doesn’t always work

Hi gcy
I am the same my mouth is always on the go , I keep my poor husband up as my teeth chatter at night. Even more so I suffer from anxiety and this makes it worst.

I try to sleep listening to books its not a game changer but it has an effect .

Hi! My tongue never stops moving. The tip is scarred from rubbing back and forth behind my teeth. If I bite it to keep it still, my jaw tremors instead. I just got rejected by another movement specialist (over zoom) who claims tongue and jaw tremors are not Parkinson’s.
My eyes tremor. If I smile, my whole face spasms. My right hand tremors. Restless legs. Back of head, right neck cramp.
Right hip cramps. Exhaustion. Constipation for years. Slow bowels. Lost 30 kilos less than a year. Cognitive disfunction for years. Spilling stuff. Dropping stuff. Tripping. Go to pick something up and instead, somehow, toss it across the room! No right finger strength or speed. Writing is not normal; has no flow or finesse; ratchety; tight. Every day symptoms may vary, but tremor never stops. Surely you can’t diagnose anything by phone! We don’t matter anymore. Covid is eclipsing our world.

I’m gobsmacked Gub! My dad’s jaw has started to tremor and it’s the first major noticeable thing that has progressed since his hand tremors went to both sides. Nobody has ever said it wasn’t PD. He has now been referred to Speech and Language because he’s not closing his mouth when eating unless he really concentrates (not like someone being impolite, but not closing his teeth to chew), and doesn’t seem to know when he’s still got food in his mouth so is at risk of choking. These are all well known PD issues related to weakness around the jaw & swallowing reflex etc. What does your PD team say about it?