Move to UK from EU- very difficult!

Hi, My sister is returning to the UK from France after many years and has a diagnosis of CBD. Does anyone have any tips and advice on making the move as effectively as possible and maintaining seamless and functional care and medical support? Thanks

Hello Winchester Way
I don’t claim to be expert here but clearly your sister needs continuation of her care given the CBD. I would imagine the best thing to do is to make contact with the local health and social care services ASAP and be advised by them Age UK have a fact sheet which may be helpful in a general sense unfortunately i
can’t copy a link but it is fact sheet 25 Returning from abroad - December 2020
and it might be worth sounding out the helpdesk too. Hope this at least gets you started. Good luck.


Thank you for the reply, things are starting to come together but it’s an up hill struggle, mainly because we can do very little until she is in the UK. We can’t register with a doctor until she is here and everything pretty much hinges on doctors referrals! Even before we do this she has to quarantine.

I will definitely investigate the Age UK sheet it sounds helpful.
Thanks again it’s nice to feel some support.

Hopefully you will be able to get things moving as soon as she is in the UK. Let us know how it’s going because we may be able to help if you are having problems. One thing I will mention as it often gets forgotten and people with CBD definitely need appropriate services to be in place, but if you feel like you’re getting nowhere you might want to consider getting your local Councillor or MP involved; more than once I’ve seen things start moving when one or the other starts jumping up and down. Good luck and my best wishes to you both

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Thank you, just knowing there is some moral support is great!