Movement in bed

hi has anyone got any suggestions  about movement in bed 

my husband can't turn in bed  once on his back he is like a little turtle bless him 

is there anything i can get to help him please 

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Hi manxie

Our booklet Sleep and night-time problems in Parkinson's suggests trying satin pyjamas or satin sheets for problems with turning in bed. You can download the booklet for free. 

We previously had a Q&A on this issue. You can take a look at the transcript here:

I hope this helps.


Hi Manxie

I think I've mentioned this on here before but here goes anyway.   I was given a bed lever by an OT  who came to assess me at home. It consists of a plank of wood that slides under the mattress and attached at right angles to this is a tubular steel handle. The handle sticks up about 6 to eight inches above the mattress and can be grabbed to help you to turn over.

I would be lost without it. It's made a huge difference to me. I really struggle to turn over without it such as when we're on holiday. Hope this is helpful.



I also have a bed lever supplied by my OT .. i agree with mrtoad i would be lost without mine  if you cannot get one from your OT  they can be bought on the internet for around the £20 mark

i used to have alot of trouble turning in bed, but on controlled release meds for night time what difference they have made !

I agree with Gus about the slow release meds, they worked for me too. I also hook my heel on the mattress edge to help with rising/turning. I like the sound of the bed lever for future use.......come the day.

Any other movement in bed is strictly forbidden apart from Christmas and bank holidays. LOL

OT are coming to assess my house ,ie bed lever as i have trapped nerve in shoulder from using elbows to lift myself up !

bamboo is an alternative material. however low-friction sheets can also cause a problem as there is difficulty establishing a fulcrum as your feet slip. an alternative is to wear something like lycra on your top half.

i believe that being fully medicated at night is as important as being medicated during the day.

i felt so good yesterday & today no probs in bed something to do with that sun ! what a difference keep shining cool

Silk pyjamas.

No joke, they do not STICK.

Wholly satin sheets are pretty useless, slip and slide all over the place.

Partially satin, or similar, with all outside edges made of a grip like material like towelling are better. and the secure sit & slide fitted sheet is really good.

No doubt the link in this post may be deleted so just Google, 'easy move sheets' with no spaces, and then dot com.and  there are 3 types to choose from with the one I mentioned having proved the best....  not the  easy slide,(all satin), not the easy turn, (mostly satin except for the bottom part), but the secure sit & slide, (satin on the central part where your body is but with a grip material on all sides and the bottom)

I do wonder why PUK have not found this supplier and still advise satin sheets.You can order online, but as we have an electric adjustable bed with a deep mattress, I phoned them and they were most helpful in advising which size, depth wise, was the best.


Hope this helps.



brilliant! I had come to the same design myself  slippy in the middle ad ressitant round the edges! I will order some tomorrow!

thanks, i'm sure this will help lots

ps if using silk pyjamas have silk on top but ordinary on bottom.

that bed lever makes such a difference i would try and get one turnip ! if you have not got one already gp referred  me to ot who fitted bed lever also wc aid !

i have a bed lever there a god send Gus ,

it was you who told me about them big thank you.....

yes going to the toilet first thing is becoming a bit of a thrill. 

Hi benji, thanks for your post.

Just to clarify, our booklet on sleep and night-time problems recommends sheets with satin just in the middle part rather than all satin. I've included the relevant extract below:

"Using satin pyjamas or satin sheets may also help. The shiny material can help you to turn over but try not to use satin sheets and satin pyjamas at the same time. Together, they can increase the risk of sliding out of bed too quickly. If you use satin sheets or panels, make sure there is an area of friction either at the end or sides  of the bed, so that you can get some grip. Your Parkinson’s nurse or occupational therapist should be able to give you advice."

Best wishes



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Thinking of trying a bamboo duvet cover to keep it all lightweight on top and then maybe these easy move sheets underneath. 

Can anyone say how slippy the bamboo is in relation to satin?


Not sure about coefficients of friction, but watch out for Pandas,

Sorry I can't be more helpful. I do know the difficulties that are being experienced. I just have a silly sense of humour. I have encountered, slide sheets and hoists, but never satin bed sheets and PJ's. Don't they cause static build up?

The same thought as sgiles also might slide out and land in a heap.