Movement out of bed

What do people use to help get out of bed. My mum is having issues with getting her legs to move so is very difficult for her. She has a hospital bed which lifts and lowers but I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas on ways to help her move her legs as its taking over 30 mins at present time to get to a seated position.

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Hi, sorry to read about your mum’s troubles, perhaps you can get a hand grip above the top end so she can get some purchase with her arms?
Just a thought, hope mum’s problems are not getting too bad,


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My mum also found herself having difficulty getting out of bed she was very stiff. The PN prescribed the Rotigotine patch and it’s been a game changer. She can now get out of bed independently instead of needing someone to help her


Hi GG , very sorry to hear about troubles with your beds. There is some some great advice from colleagues , but as we are all shapes and sizes and have different levels of fitness and strength ,not all seems to help… From my experience I’d like to offer some ways to get on and off most beds - feel free to mix and match or ignore if it doesn’t help. Good luck!

1 stand facing the long side of the mattress down from the pillows, and climb forwards on to the mattress. Climb forwards on all fours to your preferred position then lean over to your side and lie down.
2. Manoeuvering around the mattress is hard, but I have adopted a few approaches depending on how strong I feel. Such as
Butterfly wings: bend your chest towards your waist and use your arms and elbows to support your weight, then shuffle a little at a time to reach your goal
Swivel: lying on your side, pivot and rotate around again using your arms,elbows and feet…
3 To get out of bed safely first identify the hazards - loose sheets, heavy duvet, etc. Bedside table , /I have personally ended up on the carpet- wedged between the mattress and the table — Never again!
Slippery sheets pyjamaswill help you to move: experiment - check it out.
To get out of bed manoeuvre to the edge of the bed using the techniques given - using Fosbury kicks -like a scissors action. Get to the stage where you are ready to go - hands by you hips, legs close dangling -ready steady, go! Plant best foot forwards and steady -to get upright! You could use the back of a sturdy chair to practise on and to ensure success. Good luck.


My mother has a fitted bed sheet from the OT that has a shiny fabric running in a strip down the middle and cotton along the sides, this enables her to slide in to position getting into bed, but not slip off the bed when getting out