Moving house

I was diagnosed with Parkinsons in February this year. My wife and I (both late 60s) are currently resident in the Bath area. We are contemplating moving to south Nottingham to be near our son and also to find a more manageable house (we currently live in a 17th Century cottage).

Has anyone any advice that would help us with the move or to influence our decision to move?

Thanks in anticipation.

Hi there, when I was first diagnosed I decided I wanted to stay put in our house but as time wore on and with it having a long slopeing drive I found it difficult to walk up it. So after a couple of other small problems we decided to find a bungalow on the level, which we did. Trouble was it was a total renovation job, my walking by this stage consisted of a quick shuffle so I would position myself where the work needed doing and my wife would be the gofor. Eventually with meds sorted my legs now work as good as ever, after 2 years the bungalow was finished. Having lived in 2 story houses all my life I never wanted a bungalow, but I would never move back to a house now, it is so much easier to live on one level.

Hello maudson

Moving house can and will be very stressful. Although moving near to you Son is a good idea as he and his family can visit more often. I think and say go for it.
Good luck
love PB
Hi Maudson,

Welcome to the forum!:)

I moved house last year and it's improved my life considerably. I still live in the East Midlands however I've moved to a location that is less hilly and shops, GP, sports centre and local transport are all within 5 minutes walk from my front door. I also have more contact with my family and no longer feel isolated. Feeling in control is so important when living with a long term illness.

Good luck

Just a bit of info you might find useful.
My husband and I moved because of mobility problems into a house with a downstairs bathroom and bedroom.
3 years later I read an article that said if you moved because of disability to a house with either downstairs toilet or bedroom, not having it in your old house, you were entitled to have your council tax band lowered by 1 band.
I rang the council who said it was nonsense.
I asked them to double check. They rang back and said I was right although they had never been asked before.
Our band was lowered straight away but no back pay!
Every little helps.