Moving house

Hello everyone, I am the carer for my father who has P.D., diagnosed in February 2018. My mother died in August 2018 so it is just the two of us living in Sale, Greater Manchester. At the moment his symptoms are quite steady but just before the diagnosis I noticed him wasting away a bit and becoming wobbly, so that was why we went to the G.P. and P.D. was the verdict.
I sometimes find it depressing (sorry!) reading this forum because I don’t want to know about new symptoms Dad may develop in the future.
We only recently became aware that constipation is a P.D. symptom, my Dad had struggled with this for a while before the diagnosis but I was surprised that we weren’t told sooner about the constipation through the Neurology appointments etc…
Are there any other symptoms of P.D. that you are surprised are not better known? Once we became aware of the constipation as a P.D. symptom my Dad was able to get laxatives on prescription instead of buying DulcoEase and DulcoLax over the counter.

Anyway, the main topic is ‘Moving house’ because the property we are in is rather large (albeit with junk in some rooms we haven’t got rid of) and we are 3 hours drive from my brother and his wife who live in Milton Keynes. The idea of the house falling apart around us (it is showing its age a lot) while Dad’s health gets worse and no family living nearby is rather scary for me.
However, the idea of moving house understandably causes my Dad anxiety. He also has Diabetes, is registered Blind (has some eyesight but not enough to drive etc.) and is on hormone treatment for a benign brain lump (a whole other story!).
How could we best mitigate the problems associated with moving house? I worry about Dad in an unfamiliar environment, also the actual practicalities of the move itself, such as making sure he can take his tablets at the right times with meals etc…
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Hi @DadwithPD
I’m Tommy a sweaty sock now living in Oxfordshire.
You seem to have a lot on your plate at the moment.
Reply at any time if you need to talk.
Because I’ll be up most of the night.
Insomnia that’s another annoying symptom you might not have associated with pd.
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill:

Hi there and a warm welcome to the forum!

As Tommy says, it does sound like you and your Dad have got a lot on your plate and we want to let you know that we’re here for you. There’s amazing support here on the forum and you can also reach out to our friendly helpline for all kinds of different matters - all the contact info can be found here.

Best Wishes
Tom A, Moderation Team.

Hi @DadwithPD
The moderator is spot on.
I have just seen your profile and noticed that you joined almost a year ago now.

Quite a load to be carrying on your own.
I have a few questions as I’m sure you do as well.
Anyway you have taken the first step now and if you make the call in the morning you will be on your way to lightening the load a little.
Trouble is right now that plateful you have to deal with at the moment is too much for anyone and it’s now time for you to break it down to smaller portions.
Put them into priority and sort them out one by one
Otherwise they could quite easily make you unwell /unhappy.
But that ain’t going to happen now as you have a whole forum full of experienced people to ease your way.
Take care friend
Tommy :pill: :pill: :pill: