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hi the forum was recommended to me by my parkinson's nurse. i am 60 years old and i was diagnosed 10 years ago, and had dbs in 2009. due to other health problems as well as the parkinsons, i have been advised to move into sheltered housing/housing with care, as my current home is not wheelchair accessible,and cannot be easily made so. i am considering moving to nuneaton in warwickshire and wondered if anyone could tell me which services are available for people with parkinsons, and what they are like. is there a hospital nearby which specialises in dbs? knowing this would help me make decision.

i have found looking at some of the postings very useful and informative, with lots of good ideas.
Hi issybel,
Welcome to the community!
I'm sure you'll find lots of useful information and support here.

Your Parkinson's UK information and support worker (ISW) can help with information about services for people with Parkinson's local to you.

You can find the details for your ISW on this website at

I hope this helps.
hi issybel,welcome to puk forum,im ali ive been dx for 11 half years im 43 years old.i live in a bunglow,wheelchair freindly ,and its the best thing i did afraid i dont no nuneaton issybel,so i carnt comment on the hospital there,but i see moderater ezinda has given you a link to help you,i hope it helps you make your descion.good luck issybel,keep in touch x:smile:
one of the few items of advice from a pd nurse I agree with
Hello and welcome issybell.

Now, now Turnip, not all PD Nurses are the same. I for one have enjoyed excellent treatment by Nurses in Peterborough and Maidenhead. I worry more about NHS cuts and the possibility of losing or a reduction in the service of PD nurses.
I too have an excellent Parkinson's nurse. We communicate via E-mail or phone and she answers all my questions, speaking to the PD specialist for me if it is a more complex question. She has been a god send. GP's know nothing about the condition and without Karen I would be really struggling to get answers, especially since I have so much difficulty with the meds.