Moving the Goal posts yet Again?

So we all heard the words about no more ''re-assessments" and wondered what the catch might be well this could be it by  "raising our aspirations'' what does that translate too? ''giving you a push''?. "targeted" does this mean do as we say regardless of circumstance? or else?.

Mr Green said: "A disability or health condition should not dictate the path a person is able to take in life".

Obviously Mr green has no experience of How Parkinson's dictates our daily lives or the path that we have no control over shapes our future.


I've read sea angler, that the DWP are going to make it harder to renew your PIP, then they will make it harder for your to put in for a tribunal, making you wait months. I know they want to sort out the 'shirkers' and 'false' claiments but why should anyone with a genuine debilitating illness/disease be put through the stress/depression of trying to prove their illness, when a simple letter from a GP/Neurologist/Parkinson Nurse/Specialist can prove their fate. We live in hope.............


Shades of ' I am Daniel Blake'?