MR BILLY CONNOLLY CBE or should i say SIR ? lol

Hello All,
                     Just Wondering after hearing the sad news of Mr Billy Connollys addition to the Parkinsonian Club if he had joined us yet in a quiet form ( Billy ??  quiet ?? i dont think so lol ) or joined us in an official capacity and logged in...........after following Billy throughout his career, he would join us in " Kicking Some Pd Ass !!"im sure if Mr Connolly  was frequenting our forums,  with his amazing wit and charm , he  would stand out like a sore thumb lodged in a rather unusual orifice lol as im sure he would use a paragraph similar and in time his presence will be known . Dont think he is the type of man , as shown in the daily mail recently  "" How he defiantly blew a raspberry on the day he learned he had both cancer and  parkinsons !!"   lol i for one have always followed his amazing career , sadly never meeting him in person, with his character im sure he would add to the quality of help , fun & info we will all need at some time . Sooooooooo Mr Billy Connolly or should i say  Sir William Connolly CBE Please join us in our quest for a CURE, Hopefully we can all help each other , with you at our helm steering us " Every step of the way !!" hehehe
                                               Please Take Care & Be Safe Everyone
                                                         Welshbearuk aka Hugh


P.S. if you are here, Welcome to our PD Forums  " Big Yin !!" Heres some of your own advice i found lol  "  Before you judge a man with Parkinsons, walk a mile in his shoes. After that, who cares........He"s a mile away Shuffling along !!  and you"ve got his shoes !! lolol.........



  Hello  Welshbearuk

                      I have always  found the Big yin hillarious and enjoyed his take no prisoners style but  I dont expect he will demand the Sir Billy title I often wonder why on planet earth do these worn out mps enter the lords just to allow them to reach the dizzy heights of a lordship, I was very suprised  at  LORD SUGAR daft, LORD PRESCOT   why  DO WE NEED LORDS  or indeed any title.TIME LORDS YES ?

                                                     bEST4YEH WELSHBEARuk



Hi there Fed mate,

                                   i totally agree with you, plus i think the Big Yin would too, i think personally less of the titles , Lords etc im thinking the better we will all get on in life, so nobody is less of a man than another unless you have just dropped a  lottery win lol omg i wish i wish hahaha

                                                        Be Safe & Take Care Please

                                                          Welshbearuk  aka  Hugh