Mr smith says



I watched the news today,

Mr ian duncan smith says "work makes you healthy".

Personally i had to stop working because of my health, he plans to return many back too work he seems too think of those who arn't working 80+% want too return back too work, but is there a difference in aspiration  between wanting too and able too.

With that in prospect given that we are all on the same road.

Do you think ''work makes you healthy"??


Do you think your at your healthiest when you just concentrate on you & your health.

I would like to be able to work as n when, but that's just the problem. Just when I can work is so unpredictable. I used to have a full-on lecturing job and 2 part time jobs on the side. Now I can't imagine having 1 p/t job that I could do well. At one time, I worked for DWP, but that's another story.....


I cant imagine a part time job either emswife.

I went food shopping today aided by my family and i felt drained after a hour , its taken me all afternoon too recover from it feeling very wobbly. 

It is nice too be around people, i miss that element of work, perhaps that is ''healthy'' for the soul at least. but from a practical side with being un able too predict when or for how long or for what, not sure it would be viable for any employer or employee